June 22, 2024

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4 Telltale Signs You Need a Root Canal

How Long Pain Lasts after Root Canal Treatment | Dental Health Blog

Knowing if you need a root canal can be quite a challenge. It is almost like trying to figure out if you need a filling. It is a daunting task, especially during the early stages of a problem, to know if better oral hygiene efforts will solve the issue or you will need some dental work. This is primarily the case because most of these signs can only be identified by a trained dentist. If you are looking for physical symptoms, it will help to know they start when the problem becomes more advanced. It is one of the reasons why it is advisable you see a dentist regularly. If you do not visit a dentist to spot problems before they escalate, you might end up with an infected tooth and a potential root canal to deal with. Luckily, if you are looking for root canals in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY, you can rest assured you will get quality service at Brooklyn City Dental.

Please note, root canals are used to repair and save teeth that have become badly decayed or infected. It is a carefully conducted procedure that involves removing the tooth’s damaged pulp that comprises blood vessels and nerves. Once it is done, the tooth inside is cleaned and sealed. If you suspect that something is wrong with one or more of your teeth, the following are the top signs that a root canal will be beneficial to you:

1.      Persistent pain

Persistent pain is a telltale sign that you need a root canal. Experiencing a pain that bothers you continuously or goes away from time to time but always returns is the last thing you want. The pain could be deep in the bone of the tooth, or you might feel it in your face, jaw, or other teeth. While the pain could be from other causes, always see a dentist to determine if you need a root canal.

2.      A chipped or cracked tooth

You could get chipped or cracked teeth through various circumstances such as eating hard foods, participating in contact sports, a nasty fall, or a dental procedure that went sideways. With your chipped or cracked tooth, you could be exposing the nerves beneath the surface of the tooth, and it could cause an infection. The infection, in turn, can enter your bloodstream and start spreading. Luckily, undergoing a root canal prevents further infection and pain.

3.      Swollen gums

Swollen gums are a sign that you have an infected tooth. While sometimes we get our gums swollen by flossing or brushing too hard, this is different. Swollen gums that indicate a need for a root canal will be tender to the touch and remain swollen.

4.      Darkening of the tooth

When you have an infected tooth, it can sometimes start browning or showing some dark spots. If you notice such, then it is a sure sign you need professional help. Most times, a root canal will be the procedure your tooth is crying out for.

If you have noticed any of the above signs or symptoms and suspect you need a root canal, book an appointment with the specialists and get the high-quality treatment you deserve. Your oral care begins with you and taking the proper measures.