February 29, 2024

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4 Things You Have to Tell Your Gynecologist

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It is very difficult to know what is unusual as far as reproductive and sexual health is concerned. The Trinity gynecology industry has excellent professionals who will address any issue that you might have.

There are certain conditions that you just have to tell your gynecologist about and these include:

Vaginal Odor

Some of the most uncomfortable discussions you will ever have will be in your gynecologist’s office. Telling your gynecologist about your vaginal odor will be one of those conversations.

If you experience any form of foul smell coming from your vagina, you should not be ashamed to tell your OBGYN. It may even just be a different smell from the normal one that home remedies have failed to alleviate.

The reason you should tell is that foul smell could be a sign of bacterial infection or some sort of growth. The sooner it is addressed the better.


You should never forget to mention it whenever you see or feel any swelling or bumps in and outside of your vagina. You should ensure that the swelling is not self-inflicted for example as a result of shaving.

A bump is often less of a concern but consistent swelling may be a sign of something much worse. It may be symptomatic of genital warts or herpes, the latter being a very solemn condition.

Therefore, whenever you feel some swelling, ensure that your gynecologist takes a good look at it. Never be embarrassed about it.

Sexual Discomfort

Sex should be a pleasurable act and whenever you find yourself experiencing pain or discomfort during sex, you should definitely apprise your OBGYN of the situation. There are usually two main conditions as it pertains to sexual discomfort: vaginal dryness and pain during sex.

There are many factors that can cause a woman to experience vaginal dryness during sex such as age or low estrogen levels. However, if it happens repeatedly to the point that you need external lubrication whenever you have sex, there is a problem.

Experiencing pain during sex should also be due to many factors. Changing positions and using lubrication is one way you can try to eradicate the pain. However, if it persists, you should definitely tell your OBGYN.

Low Libido

It is easy to notice low libido in a man but much more difficult in women. For that reason, it is very difficult for women to know that they have low libido which makes it a more common condition than most think.

Low libido can be symptomatic of very many things. It could be due to an underlying condition, side effect of a preexisting condition or it may be a result of medication you are currently ingesting. Poor overall health may also result in a lower sex drive.

Low libido may also be caused by mental factors such as stress or mental health issues. A gynecologist will be able to diagnose the above conditions and offer a course of treatment. They may direct you to other specialists for a more holistic approach.