June 13, 2024

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5 Reasons to Add whey protein to your diet

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Whey is a natural by-product Luke sample of the process of cheese making. Whey protein is soluble, easy to digest, and is absorbed into the body quickly. It also helps improve blood sugar control when taken before a meal. While bodybuilders and athletes use whey protein to increase their protein intake, the addition of whey protein to their diet can benefit almost everyone. To determine the

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Whey protein has all proteins with the highest biological value (BV). It is also a complete protein because it contains all the amino acids that are essential and non-essential. One of the main reasons why whey protein BV is so large is because it has the highest levels of glutamine and branched amino acids (BCAAs) found in nature.

  • Rich in Glutamine and Leucine

Glutamine is essential for white blood cells and fast-dividing cells, such as those that line the intestine, as a source of fuel. Whey protein is also a good source of essential amino acid leucine, as concentrate has about 50% more leucine than soy protein isolate. Research has shown that people who exercise benefit from high-leucine diets and have more lean muscle tissue and less body fat relative to those with lower levels of leucine in their diets.

  • Boosts Glutathione Levels

It has been shown that whey protein enhances immune function by increasing the levels of the essential antioxidant glutathione present in all cells, including white blood cells. Adequate levels of glutathione are essential to proper immune function. Glutathione stimulates the production of antibodies in immune cells and the ability of white blood cells to swallow and destroy invading organisms.

  • A perfect Addition To Diet

It has been shown that whey protein consumption decreases hunger symptoms and encourages satiety, making it a valuable aid in weight loss programs. It also includes bioactive components that help promote the release of gut hormones that reduce appetite. It is easier to eat by stabilizing blood-sugar levels and reducing appetite, and more likely to succeed.

  • Defends Ageing

The loss of muscle mass and strength, called sarcopenia, is one of the most preventable changes associated with ageing. Sarcopenia is what osteoporosis is to the bones for the muscle mass. While all media attention is given to osteoporosis, sarcopenia is a more important factor. The degree of sarcopenia is the major predictor of physical disability and is associated with decreased vitality, poor balance, speed of walking falls and fractures, especially in the elderly.