July 18, 2024

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5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Drugs for Mental Illness

Mental health has been a major concern for many years. But in recent years, there has been a tremendous increase in mental diseases. There are countless reasons for such excessive use of drugs, and one of them is the excessive usage of drugs to treat mental illnesses. People habitually rely on alcohol to cope with vague emotions and intense sentiments. Sometimes, drugs are used to treat the mental illnesses, and they turn out to be effective, but when the side effects of your drug start piling up, disastrous effects happen. Scientifically speaking, the long run use of these drugs tends to worsen the symptoms that they initially helped to relieve. Alcohols, in many cases, worsen the psychotic activity, making mental disorders worst. They also become the cause of new symptoms related to mental disorders. Moreover, drug abuse also interacts with other medications you may be taking like antidepressants and weakens the effectivity of such medications.

Following are the reasons why you should avoid using drugs for mental illness:

  1. Drugs influence your body weight. They may be the cause of weight gain or weight loss because it makes you lose your appetite, draining all your energy and nutrients. Drugs contain empty calories, making you feel full without consuming any nutrients. Large alcohol consumption destroys intestinal tracts as a result of which your body cannot absorb enough vitamins. So, drugs for mental illness can affect your whole body in disastrous ways.  
  1. The drugs may seem to be giving temporary comfort, but the panic and anxieties they have to offer you know no bounds. Stress, anxieties, and panic attacks are the reactions your body and mind offer as a result of your life’s problems. Though there are some prescribed drugs for it, they do not affect without any individual psychotherapy. Secondly, abusing drugs to treat such disorders would also make it worse. In such a condition, where drugs have lost their effectiveness, emotional support dogs play a pivotal role in alleviating their owner’s anxieties. So, hop on ESA certification and get yourself free from all the drugs.
  1. A drug interaction happens when the effect of drug combines with any other vitamin or such substance. It leads to the death of not only the damaged cells but also healthy cells. The drugs also generate reactive forms of oxygen, which proves to be toxic for other healthy cells, resulting in necrosis (cell death).
  1. There is a drug (Clozapine) used for mental illness, notorious for its severe side effects such as agranulocytosis (lowered white blood cells) constipation and cardiomyopathies (heart faces difficulty in pumping blood). Other than these prominent symptoms: drowsiness, dry mouth, blurred vision, tremors, and sensation have been other side effects of such drugs.
  1. The perpetual disorder is also one of the reasons you should avoid drugs. In such a condition, a person fails to respond to particular stimuli, resulting in the complete damage of sensory organs. Such people fail to understand and comprehend any visual, auditory, or sensory stimuli.

Besides using drugs, mental illnesses can be overcome in different ways. They can be avoided in the first place by just being focused on your goals and avoiding any negativity that comes in your way. The digital world, where changed our lifestyle on one side, also made us a depressed generation on the other side. Keep in mind that there will always be a ray of hope; a chance of making recoveries. All it needs is strong determination and willpower.