May 20, 2024

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5 Things You Should Understand About ED Before Seeing a Specialist

Bisakah Tetap Operasi Walau Ada Riwayat Penyakit?

If you have recently been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction (ED) at Kingston Premier Medical Group, it means you are unable to get an erection or sustain an erection despite sexual stimulation. However, ED is a broad topic that has attracted many misconceptions about its root causes, signs, and treatment options. So if you have concerns about this topic, pay attention to the following facts.

1.      ED can happen occasionally

The inability to attain or maintain an erection long enough to fulfill sexual intercourse goals can happen to any man once in a while. Perhaps, the man could have mental problems, take excessive alcohol, or have insufficient sleep. These can happen once in a while. However, if it happens more than half the time, it would be best to see a doctor.

2.      ED occurs differently for everyone

Having a firm erection that can last a sexual life is every man’s dream. However, sometimes, the erection can be short-lived. That also qualifies as one sign of ED. It gets worse when the person loses their erection as soon as they penetrate. Whatever the case, a doctor is the only person who can decide if it is ED or not.

3.      Aging is not a risk factor of ED

Just because you have hit your 50th birthday, it does not mean ED will be your problem. Most men believe the condition worsens with age. The truth is many men that age and over are still enjoying firmer and long-lasting erections. So if you are an older adult with ED, it does not mean you will not get help from your doctor. However, the sooner you see a doctor, the better your chances of getting help, even in your sunset years.

4.      ED is preventable

ED mostly happens when you have poor lifestyle habits. For example, if you binge-drink alcohol, do not engage in exercise, take high saturated fat, or are stressed, it is easy to develop ED. Therefore, when diagnosing you for the condition, your doctor will first determine if you have a risk factor, medical history, or lifestyle habit aggravating your ED. From there, your doctor may recommend that you adopt healthy lifestyle habits. If your situation does not improve, it would be best to try advanced treatment options.

5.      Depression can lead to ED and vice versa

A man who is depressed can have ED and vice versa. Sex is on the mind. So if the mind is filled with suicidal thoughts, feelings of despair, or the urge to give up in life, it is implausible for an erection to occur. Similarly, if a man cannot achieve or sustain an erection, it is possible for them to get depressed. Either way, no one needs to endure such an experience. Seeing a doctor is the only way to get help.

See a specialist for ED diagnosis and treatment

Now that you have mastered the five facts about ED, it is time you decided which specialist to see. While a regular gynecologist can diagnose or treat ED, it would be best if you saw one who has a background in ED-related services. To learn more about risk factors for ED, schedule a consultation with a specialist today.