April 14, 2024

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7 Amazing Facts You Should Know About Dentures

Missing teeth should not hinder you from smiling comfortably in public. With technology, you have a wide range of replacement options at your disposal, ranging from temporary to permanent choices. If you need to restore your oral functionality, consult a Glendale dentures and partials specialist for treatment. Long gone is the age when dentures were odd and temporary-looking. Today, they have a more modern and natural look. Below are some interesting facts you ought to know about this form of teeth replacement.

1.     Dentures are full and partial

Dentures are an excellent option for any number of lost teeth. The full dentures will replace the entire set, while the partial denture can replace even a minimum of one tooth. The dentist only needs to clip the artificial tooth to a naturally existing one with a metal framework. Therefore, the next time you need replacement, walk into the offices confidently regardless of the number of lost teeth.

2.     Dentures are custom made

The denture you get will probably not match in shape with a denture of another patient. The dentist needs to customize it for you so that it fits perfectly. Thus, the first appointment will be used to get your mouth’s shape and size before the denture is made for you. The result will match your real teeth.

3.     Dentures are used for more than just replacement

The benefit of dentures does not end in just improving your appearance. Rather, they also retain the shape of your face by preventing the remaining teeth from shifting to the space left after a lost tooth. Without them, your skin and cheeks will sag with time. Additionally, they improve your speech.

4.     Dentures are not for older people

People everywhere have had this myth that dentures are an option for our grandparents. However, with technology, dentures now have an improved look that makes them suitable for anyone at any age. The only people who would not need dentures are kids who can still grow permanent teeth.

5.     Dentures are gaining popularity

About half a century ago, people only visited a dentist to get a painful tooth extracted.  Very few knew about the whole aspect of dentistry and oral care. Now, people with lost teeth are aware of the different options available, making dentures one of the popular options for teeth loss.

6.     Dentures have a natural look

In the past, people have been shying away from dentures in fear that people will notice them easily. Technology has now made it possible to have dentures that resemble your real teeth. Additionally, they feel like natural teeth inside your mouth since they fit properly.

7.     They are durable

Dentures are almost like your natural teeth meaning they also require similar oral care. With proper brushing to prevent plaque and bacteria, dentures can last and serve you for many more years to come. However, they have to be realigned when the shape of your mouth changes.

Modern dentures are made from composite resin or porcelain to give them a natural look. Therefore, you are assured of a beautiful smile and confidence in public. If you have lost one or more of your teeth, book an appointment with Alta Canyada Dental Group to restore functionality and appearance.