June 22, 2024

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Achieve Your Health and Fitness Goals with Yoga Specialist in New Rochelle, NY

Yoga is an early practice originating from Indian philosophy. Although initially used as a spiritual practice, most people opt to engage in yoga for exercise due to its wellness and health benefits. At NY FITPROS, Rui Mateus and the team are yoga specialists providing New Rochelle yoga services to help you achieve your fitness and health goals. The team at this premier personal training center and post-rehabilitation facility use many exercise tools and techniques, including yoga.  To learn more about how yoga can help you achieve your health goals, call or book an appointment online today.

What is yoga?

Yoga is a therapeutic form of exercise that concentrates on mediation, breathing, and posture.  Adaptive yoga adjusts traditional yoga postures for individuals with MS and other neuromuscular conditions. 

What are the benefits of yoga?

Although yoga was initially practiced for spiritual purposes, most people engage in yoga for its health benefits such as boosting energy, enhancing muscle tone, increasing balance, strength, and flexibility, decreasing the risk of injury, a sense of connection with others, and helping with weight loss or maintenance.  Other health benefits of yoga include reduced stress, improved breathing, and helping you get a good night’s rest. People who engage in yoga have a higher probability of engaging in regular exercise and make better food selections.

Are you a right candidate for yoga?

You might be the right candidate for yoga if you are new to exercising and workouts or have an underlying health condition that would get better from the therapeutic exercise, such as chronic pain, arthritis, or hypertension. You can also include yoga as a strength-training program to serve as an active rest day. At NY FITPROS, the specialist team gives you a thorough evaluation to evaluate how your body works and find out what it requires to optimize health and wellness. The assessment helps determine whether you are fit for yoga practice and prevent medically unstable clients from engaging in the program. The team uses SMART START Assessment to establish your baseline fitness level and analyze your exercise capability and current capacity. The yoga program will also include ongoing examination and interpretation of metabolism, body fat, and other performance metrics to analyze the program’s effectiveness.

What types of yoga are available?

Different types of yoga aim at various elements.  The team at NY FITPROS provides adaptive yoga therapy, a medically-based type of yoga.  Other than following a particular plan, your medical exercise specialist develops a yoga program that matches your unique fitness goals and body needs. Your adaptive yoga therapy may include various props such as a wall, straps, or chairs to support your yoga poses. Your specialist can create a yoga exercise program that fits any medical need or disability with adaptive yoga therapy.

To sum up, NY FITPROS is a top fitness center like no other in the area. The highly trained and experienced team uses innovative tools and yoga therapies to help your body perform at it’s best. For more information about yoga and how it can enhance your health and wellness, call or book an appointment online today.