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Advanced Diagnostics and Treatment for Heart Disease in Florida

A Guide to Heart Disease Treatments - Florida Premier Cardiology Delray  Beach, FL

Heart disease is responsible for about six hundred and fifty annual deaths in the US. With regular diagnoses and minimally invasive treatment options, you can enjoy a happier life with minimal risks of heart complications. Ashish Pal, MD, FACC, of Vein & Cardiovascular Center, offers customized treatment for heart disease in Sebring, with effective and long-term benefits. This piece offers more information on heart disease.

What is a Heart Disease?

Heart disease refers to a series of conditions that may affect your heart muscle. Heart diseases rank among the common cause of adult and adolescent deaths in the US.

You are more vulnerable to heart disease in case of reduced blood flow to your brain or heart due to blockages or spasms. Common types of heart conditions include:

·       Congestive heart failure- Heart-pumping problems.

·       Congenital heart disease- Disease present from birth.

·       Arrhythmias- Heart rhythm irregularities.

·       Cardiac valve dysfunction- Malfunctioning heart valves.

·       Carotid artery disease- Contraction of arteries supplying your brain.

·       Coronary artery disease- Heart arteries growing narrower.

Both men and women can suffer heart failure at some point. Unfortunately, women are more vulnerable to heart complications like broken heart syndrome and coronary microvascular disease.

Causes of Heart Failure

Each heart has four chambers, the ventricles (lower chambers) and atria (upper chambers). The upper chambers receive circulated blood, while lower chambers pump blood to tissues and the rest of your body’s organs.

All heart chambers work in unison to maintain a healthy blood flow. In case your ventricles malfunction in pumping enough blood through the body, your body starts accumulating fluids in your liver, abdomen, and lungs, heightening your risk of heart failure.

Risk Factors of Heart Failure

§  Obesity.

§  Diabetes.

§  Viral infections.

§  Binge drinking.

§  Tobacco use.

§  Sleep apnea.

§  Certain medications.

§  Damage to the heart (cardiomyopathy).

§  Inflammation of the heart (myocarditis).

§  Heart defects.

§  High blood pressure.

You should seek immediate medical attention before heart failure leads to heart valve issues, kidney damage, or liver damage.

Symptoms of Heart Disease

Heart disease may go unnoticed in the initial days as you may overlook mild signs and symptoms. Plaque starts accumulating in your arteries to inhibit healthy circulation.

If left untreated, you may develop angina (chest pain, tightness, pressure) without clogged arteries. You’re also likely to suffer fatigue, shortness of breath, and nausea.

You should schedule regular heart evaluations to avoid suffering a stroke or heart attack. Seek medical attention for unpleasant symptoms like shortness of breath and angina.

About Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test (CPET)

A CPET pinpoints blockages in microvascular and macrovascular blood vessels in the heart. For an accurate diagnosis, you are asked to ride a stationary bicycle while your doctor closely monitors activity in your blood vessels.

CPET also examines your lungs, muscles, and heart functions individually and in unison. The test is specific and sensitive compared to the ordinary exercise test that inspects only your heart.

During CPET, your provider at Vein & Cardiovascular Center also monitors carbon dioxide production, oxygen intake, blood oxygen level, and blood pressure. The test is ideal for testing:

§  Blockages.

§  Heart failure.

§  Slow heart rate.

§  Blood flow problems.

§  Cardiac valve dysfunction.

§  Pulmonary vascular diseases.

§  Lung function problems.

§  Muscle metabolic disorders.

Dr. Pal uses CPET in identifying/deconditioning your heart’s inability to function efficiently as before. Regular exercise can help you improve deconditioning symptoms.

After your diagnosis, Dr. Pal takes appropriate steps to protect you from a heart attack and related complications.

Bottom Line

If you need diagnosis and treatment for heart failure and related conditions in Florida, Vein & Cardiovascular Center should be top of your list. Contact the practice to book an appointment with Dr. Pal for integrative treatment in a trusted environment.