September 25, 2023

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Alan Azizollahoff: A Life of Business and Charity

The UK and South African gaming entrepreneur Alan Azizollahoff, founder and CEO of Jade Water Group, Inc., has long been committed to do more than establish and run a successful business. Despite managing an international gaming empire, Alan Azizollahoff has continuously made the time and the effort to further social goals which are dear to him.

Over the years, as Alan Azizollahoff’s business endeavors have been successful, he remained a fervent believer in philanthropic giving. For many years, Azizollahoff has been active in several charitable institutions and has supported numerous Jewish causes, either in Israel or in the United States of America. Here is a partial list of the charities and institutions Mr. Azizollahof champions.

Hillel Community Day School

No matter in which country he lives in or does business in, Alan Azizollahoff has never neglected his Jewish roots, traditions, teachings and beliefs. Samuel Sheck Hillel Community Day School, a North Miami, Florida private egalitarian school for Jewish students from Kindergarten through high school is an institution close to his heart.

The school teaches Judaic Studies as well as General Studies and Enrichment Classes that aim to provide a stimulating and exciting learning atmosphere. The Hillel School also offers a wide range of family activities and synagogues for Orthodox Jews. Alan Azizollahof’s sponsorship of the Hillel School dates back to his arrival in the USA in 2002.

Greater Miami Jewish Federation

Ever since moving to Miami, Alan Azizollahof has been involved locally, with the Jewish community in the city and its surroundings. This is why he donates to the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, which raises tens of millions of dollars every year to support local religious and social agencies and institutions both in Israel and the USA. For the past 70 years this federation has been a force for philanthropy and Jewish community building.

Since 2005 Alan Azizollahoff has contributed to the Mount Sinai Medical Center. The 1,171-bed, tertiary-care teaching facility is one of the most respected hospitals in the US and is internationally acclaimed for its high standards in clinical care. The medical center’s high marks in the US News & World Report, among others, were one of the reasons that drove Mr. Azizollahof to support its medical programs. These programs treat more than 60,000 inpatients and 500,000 outpatients every year.

Tiferet Shlomo Orphan Home

During the past 11 years Alan Azizollahof has been lending a helping hand to an Israeli home for homeless and orphaned children. The home’s purpose is to rescue these disadvantage youth from lives of juvenile delinquency and crime. At the same time, Tiferet Shlomo, located in the Israeli capital of Jerusalem, provides them with the vocational education needed for a better future, as well as with Jewish and Torah studies.

Willie and Celia Trump Synagogue

This Modern-Orthodox Ashkenazy synagogue is located in Williams Island, Florida. Alan Azizollahoff and his family now reside in nearby Miami and enjoy frequenting the Willie and Celia Trump Synagogue. Mr. Azizollahoff has been a supporter of the synagogue since 2002. The synagogue caters to both local Jewish residents and seasonal dwellers. It is the only synagogue on the island, and it holds services every day. On High Holidays the services are held at the Williams Island Club in order to accommodate the number of attendees. Anti-Defamation League (ADL)

Alan Azizollahoff’s assistance to the ADL started in 2006. The ADL, one of the US’s premier civil right organizations, was founded in 1913 in order to fight against anti-Semitism, bigotry and prejudice against Jews and other minorities. Alan Azizollahoff’s international career, which has taken him to the four corners of the world, has opened his eyes to the need to protect democratic ideals and civil rights for all peoples and to the need to build bridges of communication between societies and individuals. He found those beliefs to be in conjunction with the beliefs of the ADL.