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All You Need to Know About Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery: Everything you need to know

A cataract is a condition that affects your eye lenses, thus making you see cloudy images. Every person can incur cataract eye disease, but some factors promote its occurrence. When your eye develops a cataract, it limits your sight, thus preventing you from doing your work. It is vital to seek treatments since a cataract can block your sight completely. Hell’s Kitchen comprehensive ophthalmologist center consists of doctors specialized in treating the cataract eye condition. The paragraph below explains how cataract surgery is conducted.

How Cataract Surgery is Carried Out

Before surgery day comes, your doctor will take you through an eye examination, checking the condition and the size of your eye. Measuring the size of your eyes helps the doctor to select the best artificial lenses for you. After examination, your doctor will schedule the day of treatment, which can either be in-the-office or at the main hospital. Your doctor may use local or general anesthesia to ease your comfort so you will not feel pain. A slight cut will be made on your eye with the help of a laser light, and a tool will be placed between the lens and the cataract. Your doctor will then remove the cataract gently from the eye. After the cataract is removed, an artificial lens made of plastic will be placed through the incision and then closed. If both of your eyes have cataracts, another surgery will be scheduled after two weeks. The surgery procedure takes one hour or less to complete. The below paragraph explains what to expect after cataract surgery.

What to Expect After Surgery

After surgery, your eye may feel swollen and itchy for a few days. Your eye may continue producing tears since it is not used to bright light. Your eye is a very sensitive organ, which requires proper care after surgery. The incision made during the removal of the cataract should be treated to prevent infection. Your doctor will provide you with an eye drops medication to prevent infections. Putting pressure on your eyes by lifting heavy materials will be prohibited for some time. However, your doctor may suggest eyeglasses for you to minimize light and wear eye shields during sleeping. In case you develop pain, it is vital to consult your doctor since it may indicate the presence of infections. You should avoid bright light for three days after treatment, as bright light may cause pain and discomfort.

After cataract surgery, your eye may become cloudy again. This normally happens when the lens capsule begins to grow big. According to eyes specialists, cataracts can come back after years, but not a few months after surgery. Once it develops again, your doctor may recommend a procedure called YAG to treat it.

Eye problems are common to many people across the world. Your doctor should be careful when performing eye treatments and surgeries. Eyes of New York have the best doctors who can perform eye treatments for you. Visit them for more information about treatment and preventive measures.