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All You Need to Know About Periodontics

What Is Periodontics? Everything You Need to Know (2018 Update) | Gentle  Dental

Periodontics focuses on the structure supporting and surrounding the teeth, such as the jawbone and gums. Periodontics aims at keeping your mouth healthy. periodontics in Beaumont are performed by an expert periodontist. He has treated periodontal disease for years and is successful. Book an appointment with him today and improve your oral health.

What does a periodontist do?

A periodontist is responsible for many periodontal treatments, which include scaling and root planing. They also find a way to treat periodontitis depending on how severe the condition is. Patients visit them to get the infected surfaces cleaned and remove the plaque that has buildup there. A periodontist performs the following tasks:

Debridement: They usually perform root surface debridement or removal of damaged or diseased dental tissue so that the body can heal the areas with healthy tissue replacement. The tooth cannot be as healthy as before until all affected tissue and plaque are removed.

Surgery: Periodontists are skilled in performing oral surgery. You can go to them for placing, repairing, and maintaining dental implants instead of going to a dental surgeon. They can do splinting, bite adjustment, bone or soft tissue grafts, and flap surgery.

Advanced gum disease: gingivitis is a severe form of gum inflammation, and you can reverse it with regular flossing, brushing, and mouthwash. Complicated and advanced cases of periodontal diseases need the assistance of a periodontist. They are specifically trained to diagnose existing causes of the condition and give the right restorative treatments and procedures every time.

Reasons to see a periodontist

Swollen or puffy gums: tartar and plaque that form bacteria can cause inflammation that is usually the first sign of gingivitis. If it’s left untreated, the inflammation makes pockets form around the teeth. This increases the risk of infection that can result in tooth loss. Swollen gums make the teeth look more petite. In the early stages, you can treat inflammation with deep cleaning.

Gums that bleed easily: Inflammation might cause the gums to bleed easily when you floss, brush, or eat. Visit your dentist when your gums feel tender when you touch, you spit out blood, or your toothbrush turns pink after brushing.

Painful chewing: Gum inflammation forms pockets around your teeth and makes them loosen, making them more sensitive. You can have trouble chewing. Book an appointment with the dentist if you experience a change in the way teeth fit together or new spaces are forming between the teeth.

Receding gum line: It doesn’t always form due to gum disease. It can be caused by brushing your teeth hard and injuring your gum tissues. A periodontist fixes this tissue for cosmetic purposes, reducing the risk of future gum problems. Gum recession is a sign of later-stage gum disease.

A general dentist can treat some periodontal needs. Patients who have severe or moderate periodontal disease or complex cases can be managed by a partnership between the periodontist and dentist. Oral health is essential to your wellbeing. Book an appointment with Beaumont Cherry Valley today and maintain your overall health.