February 26, 2024

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All you need to learn about pain management, including why you would require a pain management program

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Pain is one of the main factors that can affect every aspect of your life, ranging from energy levels to relationships. Therefore effective pain management programs are offered which aim at meeting your individual needs. Pain management in Albany is provided by a group of specialists who provide you with the highest quality of interventional and pharmacological pain management services.

What is pain management?

Health care specialists typically view pain management as a partnership between you and your physician to effectively treat and manage your pain. In most cases, they use a multidisciplinary approach whereby they work with you to provide a solution to all types of pain, such as chronic or long-term pain and short-term pain. Pain causes various problems in your life, including trouble concentrating, low self-esteem, difficulty in sleeping, irritability, decreased energy levels, and mood swings.

With time, pain can end up wreaking havoc on your personal life and work. Therefore, the purpose of having an effective pain management program is to enable you to restore normal abilities and significantly improve your quality of life. The health care team at the facility is highly trained to offer both pharmacological and interventional pain management techniques in a friendly manner. They also come up with a personalized treatment program that meets your individual needs for pain alleviation.

Why would you need a pain management program?

If you are suffering from persistent pain that keeps interfering with your personal life, you may be a good candidate for a pain management program. The specialists treat chronic and short-term pain associated with various conditions like nerve damage, low back pain, joint pain, neck pain, muscle pain, and arthritis. Care and management include facet injections, sympathetic blocks, epidural injection, PRP injection, radiofrequency ablation, peripheral nerve injections, spinal cord stimulator trials, and permanent implants. The care providers typically offer the most advanced treatment methods to reduce pain, even in situations where other therapies or medications have failed.

What are interventional pain management techniques?

Apart from using the pharmacological methods of managing pain using pain killers, the health care team also incorporates various interventional techniques. They proceed to monitor your pain and may make some adjustments when need be. An effective pain management plan may involve one or more of the following: nerve blocks to numb nerves, radiofrequency ablation to decrease pain signals from the nerve with heat energy, spinal cord stimulators that use gentle electrical currents to block pain receptors, epidural injections that target specific areas where you are experiencing pain, ultrasound-guided injections of anesthetics, and steroids or facet blocks to numb the small joints along your spine. In addition to the above effective technologies, the specialists also offer on-site physical therapy to restore normal function as you overcome pain.

Suppose you or someone close to you is suffering from pain; there is no need to withstand it because it can affect your quality of life, including not being able to work. Therefore it is essential to seek pain management services or help at Orthopaedic Associates today if you are interested in treating your pain to improve your quality of life.