May 30, 2024

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Amazing Secrets of Wealth Creation – The Desire Factor

The starting point of all wealth creation is desire. That is having something to wake up for in the morning, something that keeps you awake in the day and something in your life that makes you stay hungry. Nature always wraps up in strong desires that something which knows nothing like impossible and accepts no such thing as thing as failure. Therefore in your quest for wealth creation, you first need to desire wealth before you create wealth. If you do not desire it you cannot have it.

Wishing is not the same thing as desiring. Your wish for wealth is not the same thing as your desire for wealth. They are quite different. When you desire wealth, you are willing to burn all bridges in your quest for wealth creation and cut off all sources of retreat. Wishing will never bring you wealth. Rather it is a burning desire that becomes an obsession which makes planning for the ways to acquire wealth possible and backed by persistence that makes wealth creation realizable. All those who have accumulated great wealth did some amount of day-dreaming, hoping, wishing, desiring and finally planning before they acquire their wealth. Note however that your desire for wealth alone will never bring you wealth. You need to back it up with faith and a belief that you can acquire it.

To create wealth in abundant quantity, you need to desire to be wealthy and to have it. It is your desires for wealth that will enable you identify the means of acquiring it. This world is filled with opportunities in wealth creation. The opportunities will not find you. Rather, you are the one to find the opportunities. Unless you desire wealth however, you cannot recognize the opportunities when they present themselves. It is only desire that can perform the impossible, even in wealth creation.

All men of abundant wealth in the world today are men of very, very strong desires for wealth. They did not just wish for wealth. They desire it and it became an obsession to them and they burnt all bridges of retreat in their quest to acquire their wealth. They never thought about failure, only success. And succeed they did. Think of the Bill Gates, the Donald Trumps, the Jerry Yangs, the Michael Dells, the Rockefellers etc.

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