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Benefits of Family Planning

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There are several effective and safe options to control birth and prevent pregnancy. The highly skilled professionals at Westmed Family Healthcare can explain your options to assist you in determining what suits you best. Whether you prefer daily pills or an intrauterine device, the knowledgeable and friendly staff at Westmed Family Healthcare will take time to understand your needs and provide you the best family planning in Westminster.

Benefits of Family Planning

Family planning enables people to get their desired number of kids and establish the spacing of their pregnancies. It is accomplished through the utilization of contraceptive methods and infertility treatment.

Promoting family planning and making sure couples and women have access to their preferred methods of family planning is crucial to securing the autonomy and well-being of women while enhancing the development and health of communities.

  •         Prevents health risks that are related to pregnancy in women:

The ability of a woman to decide whether and when to become pregnant affects her health and well-being directly. Family planning allows for pregnancy spacing and can prevent pregnancies in young women who are at a high risk of health complications and death from early pregnancies. It also protects against unwanted pregnancies and helps couples who want to limit the size of their families do so. By minimizing the rates of unwanted pregnancies, family planning also helps in reducing the need for insecure abortions.

  •         Lowers infant mortality:

Family planning assists in preventing ill-timed and closely-spaced births and pregnancies, which are among the most significant contributors to high rates of infant mortality in the world. Infants whose mothers die during childbirth are at a high risk of poor health or death.

  •         Assists in preventing STIs and HIV/AIDS:

 Family planning minimizes the risk of unwanted pregnancies among women with HIV, which results in fewer infected orphans and babies. Additionally, female and male condoms offer protection against pregnancy and STDs, including HIV/AIDS

  •         Empowering individuals and improving education:

 Family planning allows women and couples to make informed decisions about their reproductive and sexual health. Family planning presents women with a chance to pursue further education and play a part in public life, including paid employment. Besides, having a small family allows parents to invest more in every child. Children with fewer siblings are likely to stay longer in school than those with fewer children.

  •         Reducing adolescent pregnancies: 

Adolescents are more likely to have underweight or premature babies. This affects the future health and well-being of the children. Also, most adolescents who get pregnant have to get out of school. That has long-term significance for them and their families.

  •         Reducing population growth:

 Family planning is crucial to reducing the rate of population growth to sustainable levels that do not impact the national development, environment, and economy negatively.

The professional at Westmed Family Healthcare has the expertise and experience in women’s contraception and reproductive health. They will advise you on all family planning aspects and provide a full range of family planning services to ensure that all your family planning needs in Westminster are met. To explore your family planning options, call us or book an appointment online today.