January 20, 2022

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Bone Fracture Treatment at New Jersey’s Bone Specialist, Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates, LLP

What to Do with a Broken Bone | Orthopedic Associates of West Jersey, PA

The human bone structure is a balanced system that supports the organs, both internal and external. Bone fractures resulting from either partial or total damage are painful, causing patients discomfort. Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates, LLP, an orthopedic facility in East Brunswick, helps its patients heal and regain function in fractured areas through safe clinical procedures. Its specialists are known for treating fractures in East Brunswick


Although fracture may vary because of the affected bone, general health, injury severity, and a patient’s age, all often experience typical symptoms. They include swelling, bruising, pain, and skin discoloration around the fractured bone. Another clear sign might be angulation, a term that defines the unusual bending angles in bones.

When large bones like the pelvis, patients might experience paleness, collapsing, and nausea.

Unless a medical professional assesses the fracture, prevent unnecessary movement of the patient. If required, use a splint to keep their bone stationary. Naturally, if the patient is situated at a dangerous place like on the road, you should prioritize moving them to a safer location.


Most bone fractures result from physical trauma such as an automobile accident or bad fall to the area. While healthy and young bones could withstand tremendous impact, bone quality reduces with age. Older people may fracture their bones easily because of their higher falling risks and weaker bones.

Children may also suffer higher fracture rates because of their more significant physical activity. Underlying conditions like diabetes and chronic liver disease, and illnesses such as infection and osteoporosis could also cause bone weakening. Pathological fractures are Disease-caused.

Bones might also fracture from repeated strain and stress, and experts have coined them stress fractures. Professional sports figures are most prone to these fractures.

Fracture Diagnosis and Treatment

Doctors identify symptoms and conduct physical examinations for proper diagnosis. They interview the patient or their loved one, asking how their injury happened and what likely caused their fracture. In our East Brunswick, New Jersey facilities, we analyze different images from CT scans to MRIs to X-rays according to the patient’s affected region.

While we offer treatment and advice, bone healing could happen naturally. Medical support throughout these healing periods only ensures practitioners can aid in regaining the best function in our injured area.

For near-perfect healing, we, Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates, LLP, recommend and practice immobilization. Minimizing your movement after alignment assists the natural bone healing process to begin. Lining the area of the fracture up is called fracture reduction. It bears a straightforward procedure while more severe fractures require other techniques, including open reduction.

Treatment Devices

The bone immobilization process requires different medical equipment in various situations. Each piece of equipment serves the doctor’s plans and your comfort during healing. They vary from metal screws and plates to plastic functional braces and plaster casts to external fixators and intramedullary nails.


Whether you have a bone fracture from accidental injury, osteoporosis, or other incidents, at Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates, LLP, we have fracture specialists to diagnose and administer proper recovery techniques. Our bone fracture will devote their resources and skills to helping you regain partial or complete function after a fracture with specialized therapy as well. Contact us for consultation or to visit our top-quality facilities at East Brunswick, New Jersey.