January 28, 2022

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Buying NDIS Approved Incontinence Products

Money-Conscious Ways to Buy Incontinence Products From TENA

Continence issues are a critical issue for people of all ages. However, it is particularly hard for people with disabilities. Continence issues will affect their lives in lots of ways and make their daily lives so much harder. In addition, incontinence could make them feel ashamed, frustrated, and self-conscious and it could lead to a lot of problems such as isolation, loneliness, and depression. Since continence issues are so serious in the lives of disabled people, it is vital for them to find ways that will help them manage their continence issues better and make their lives more convenient. Incontinence products like incontinence pants can help them do that and so much more.

Some people with disabilities might feel that this is an unnecessary spend that will increase their financial strain. However, that is not the case as the NDIS funds incontinence products for people whose continence issues are caused because of their disability. NDIS incontinence products provided by NDIS-approved providers like Confidence Club will help people with disabilities buy the best incontinence pants in Australia without a worry.

NDIS & Incontinence

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is an initiative by the Australian government to help people with significant or permanent disability receive both support and funding. Nearly five hundred thousand Australians have NDIS plans and the government provides funding, support and consumables for them. These consumables also support continence supplies and products. People with disabilities can purchase continence products and supplies from NDIS-approved providers through three different funding schemes. They are as follows

  • Self-Managed: This is for people who have allocated funds for incontinence consumables. They can be reimbursed for all the purchases that were made for continence products.
  • Plan-Managed: People who have a current coordinator can purchase incontinence pants and other products and direct the invoice to them for payments.
  • Agency-Managed: Orders for incontinence products can also be placed directly through the NDIS portal. People with disabilities need to complete a service agreement before the purchase is finalised.

Incontinence Products

There is a popular misconception that incontinence products are not just for senior adults, however, they support a broad range of people from all age groups. People of any age range who are suffering from either severe or permanent disability can purchase a wide range of incontinence products and supplies through NDIS-approved suppliers like Confidence Club. Some of the popular products include

  • Incontinence Pads
  • Mens Pull-Ups
  • Adult Diapers
  • Womens Pads
  • Mens Guards
  • Incontinence Pants
  • & Much More

How to Order

Buying the best incontinence products in Australia using NDIS funding is an easy task with the Confidence Club.

Step 1 – Customers need to select and add the desired products from the company’s wide product portfolio

Step 2 – During checkout, they need to select the NDIS Payment method if you are using NDIS funds for purchase. Alternatively, they can pay for the products and claim for reimbursement from NDIS.

Step 3 – As soon as the order is placed, customers need to just fill up a short NDIS form for payment instructions. This form is just for first-time NDIS payment users and it need not be filled by repeat customers.