April 20, 2024

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Common Myths about Root Canal Therapy

A large percentage of patients develop anxiety when the doctor recommends root canal therapy to treat a damaged tooth. It is the various spread myths about the treatment that cause unnecessary fear. With professional dental care, the physician removes the damaged pulp carefully to heal your pain without complications. Dr. Rick S Schwartz is a dental expert at Endodontic Consultants of San Antonio who works to promote your oral health. Book an appointment online today for personalized care to eliminate your pain permanently.

Below are the common myths that have been spread about the procedure:

A root canal is painful

This might have been the case very long ago and, hence, the misconception. Luckily, technology and dental science have now made it possible to undergo a complete root canal treatment without any discomforts. In fact, treatment is more convenient than carrying on with the cavity. There is no difference with just getting the cavity filled. Doctors use anesthetics and have experience in pain management to make the procedure smooth and comfortable for you.

Root canal increases the risk of illness

This myth is probably a result of research that was carried out a long time ago. Back then, little was known about the causes of various diseases. Thus, people came to have this idea that a root canal can make you contract illnesses. Modern research has yet to link the root canal to any illness in our bodies. Therefore, you can feel safe the next time a doctor recommends this form of therapy.

Tooth extraction is better than a root canal

Even with the various options of teeth replacement, it is essential to retain your natural tooth. Therefore, when you can treat the root as opposed to extracting it, you should go for the therapy. Endodontic treatment has been successful over the years, and the results are long-lasting for even a lifetime. Teeth replacement options may not last as long as they rely on the neighboring natural teeth for support.

Pregnant women should avoid root canals

People fear root canal during pregnancy because the dentist may use a small x-ray to see the damaged area. However, the exposure is not extensive and focuses on the mouth. Therefore, the specialist covers the belly with a lead apron to ensure the rays do not penetrate. All they have to do is inform the doctor early before beginning the procedure. No one is exempted from the therapy.

You can postpone treatment when the pain subsides

People think that just because you no longer feel pain, it is okay to postpone treatment. However, the pain goes away in the first stage when bacteria are still in the pulp. The next stage is more severe and hard to treat. Therefore, postponing because you don’t feel pain will only worsen the situation.

Specialists at Endodontic Consultants of San Antonio are equipped with the necessary skills, experience, and equipment to protect your natural tooth. The earlier you seek treatment, the easier the treatment. Book an appointment online to end your pain and restore function.