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Comprehensive Vascular Care with Vascular Ultrasound Specialist in Florida

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Vascular ultrasounds produce clear pictures of the veins and arteries without the use of radiation or having any adverse side effects. As part of Advanced Heart & Vascular Associates’ extensive vascular resources, Nader Chadda, MD, FACC, FSCAI, provides various forms of ultrasound. If you are near the office in Land O’ Lakes, Brooksville, or Hudson, Florida, you can access real-time photos, a fast diagnosis, and expert care all in one place. If you require help with any vascular concerns, schedule a consultation with a Brooksville vascular ultrasound specialist today over the phone or book online.

What Is Vascular Ultrasound?

Vascular ultrasound creates pictures of the veins and arteries using high-frequency sound waves. Dr. Chadda uses vascular ultrasound to:

o   Determine the source of your symptoms

o   Establish the most effective treatment

o   Assist in the execution of minimally invasive procedures

o   Keep an eye on developments in vascular diseases

Ultrasound is also an effective method for screening if you are at a greater risk of developing vascular disease. Dr. Chadda will use the information from your vascular ultrasound to assess your veins and arteries’ health and establish whether you are at risk for stroke, aneurysm, or venous and arterial disease.

What Conditions Can Vascular Ultrasound Diagnose?

Vascular ultrasound is a safe, effective way to diagnose vein and artery problems within your body. These include:

o   Peripheral venous disease

o   Peripheral artery disease

o   Aortic aneurysms

o   Venous blood clots

o   Venous insufficiency

o   Mesenteric artery disease

o   Renal artery disease

The severity of many vascular disorders, such as varicose veins and atherosclerotic plaque, may be assessed using ultrasound.

What Kind of Vascular Ultrasound Might You Get?

For venous, carotid, and arterial ultrasounds, Advanced Heart & Vascular Associates employs various techniques. A typical ultrasound provides pictures that display the anatomy of your blood vessels and the tissues that cover them.

Doppler ultrasound is a special procedure that displays blood flowing via your arteries and veins in real-time. Dr. Chadda regularly recommends a duplex ultrasound at Advanced Heart & Vascular Associates, which incorporates the normal and Doppler techniques.

What to Expect During A Vascular Ultrasound?

Your ultrasound technician uses a video display monitor, transducer, and computer console. The transducer is a radio-wave-emitting handheld device.

Your provider first applies a gel to your skin above the arteries or veins that need to be examined. He then places the transducer against your skin. The sound waves reach your body painlessly, bouncing off the surfaces they come across and return to the transducer. The information from the transducer is sent to the computer, which generates the images.

The majority of vascular ultrasounds take 30 to 45 minutes. All you have to do throughout this time is lay still while Dr. Chadda gathers the necessary photos. The transducer does exert some pressure on you. Otherwise, you should not be in any pain. He will review the scans and speak with you about your condition and treatment options right away because ultrasound generates images in real-time.

To sum up, Dr. Chadda has been offering the Florida community expert vascular care for more than a decade. Call Advanced Heart & Vascular Associates or schedule a consultation online if you have any concerns or require a vascular ultrasound.