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Contemporary Women’s Care

Contemporary Women’s Care
Contemporary Women’s Care

Women of all age brackets need the best healthcare to improve their overall health but also improve their quality of life. At Contemporary Women’s Care, we offer a diverse range of medical services for all women related conditions. You don’t have to be undergoing any illness to visit our clinic, but you can check-in for regular screening and medical advice. We have qualified medical doctors to offer the best medical care for a wide variety of medical and non-medical conditions.

Some of the conditions we treat and manage include;

1.         Menopause

Menopause is a normal biological process that older women, usually over the age of 45 years, have to undergo. It signifies the time which a woman stops experiencing a menstrual cycle and therefore, cannot get pregnant as a result.

Even though it is a natural process and change, some treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy can cause temporary or permanent menopause. Also, some medical conditions can cause early or premature menopause in women.

We do not treat menopause since it is not curable, but we can offer remedies and treatment to the symptoms associated with it. The most common symptoms of menopause include:

·         Mood and emotional changes

·         Hot flashes

·         Chills

·         Vaginal dryness

·         Loss of libido

·         Dry skin

·         Reduced metabolism

·         Weight gain

Also, there are complications associated with menopause, such as heart disease, some types of breast cancer, and osteoporosis.

Managing menopause

Our team of experts at contemporary women’s care can offer a range of treatment options to address the effects of menopause.

The most common treatment is hormone therapy, which seeks to restore your hormonal balance. It involves providing supplemental hormones such as estrogen to reduce the menopause symptoms.

Our doctors will also advise on lifestyle changes to help you improve your overall health.

2.         Ovarian cysts

These are common in women and can even occur in women undergoing perimenopause. They mostly go undetected, and you can lead a healthy life without realizing that you have developed them. They are fluid-filled sacs that can grow on or in the ovaries.

With regular check-ups in our clinic, we can detect if you have ovarian cysts. The most common symptoms include:

·         Painful intercourse

·         Abdominal pains

·         Abnormal vaginal bleeding

Treatment of cysts

We can recommend that we first monitor to see if the cyst goes away on its own. If it persists, then we can recommend that you take hormonal contraceptives.

Also, we can advise that you undergo surgery to remove the cysts.

3.         PCOS

At contemporary women’s care, we also treat and manage the PCOS condition. In full, it is called Polycystic ovary syndrome, and it is one of the most common reasons women in childbearing age have difficulties in getting pregnant.

The most common symptoms or signs that you have PCOS include:

·         Irregular periods

·         Polycystic ovaries

·         Excess androgens

Treatment of PCOS

With the right care, PCOS is manageable. It is a long-term condition that requires the best care to have any chance of managing it. When you come to us, we will give you the best attention to help you manage it.

We can recommend hormone therapy and lifestyle changes that will help you lead a healthy life. Visit our clinic and undergo tests to determine the best treatment that is best for you.

4.         Fibroids

These are noncancerous tumors found in the uterus or womb. It affects women who are in their childbearing years. Scientists haven’t been able to place a finger as to the exact cause of fibroid. However, there are certain factors seen to increase the risk of developing fibroids, such as family history, obesity, and high consumption of red meat.

They do not have any signs or symptoms, and you may not know you have them unless you get a quality check-up. However, few symptoms can give the indication you have fibroids such as abdominal pains, frequent urination, painful intercourse, and increased abdominal girth.


Treatment of fibroids can include over the counter prescriptions or surgery. It is, therefore, essential to book an appointment with us so that we can determine the best treatment for you.

We can offer the best expert advice and solutions if you suspect you may have fibroids in your womb.

The services we offer at contemporary women’s care

Apart from the above conditions that we manage and treat, our team of medical experts can also provide specialized services for all ladies, whether young or old. Our services include;

1.         Gynecology

We have qualified and expert gynecologists that have experience in treating and managing all vaginal conditions affecting a woman.

Some of the conditions that we can diagnose and treat include:

·         Heavy bleeding during your menstrual cycles

·         Painful periods

·         Irregular periods

·         Unusual vaginal discharge

·         Infertility

2.         Pregnancy services

At contemporary women’s care, we understand the significance of quality care to expectant mothers. The services we offer include prenatal or antenatal care to ensure healthy growth and development of your baby during the nine months. Also, we will advise on the safest delivery method for you and your baby.

We have modern ultrasound equipment for taking your 3-D and 4-D ultrasound images to see and check how your baby is developing in the uterus. With these images, we can design the best care available for both mother and child.

3.         Hysterectomy

This is a surgical procedure to remove your uterus. This may be necessitated due to fibroids, gynecologic cancer, or other illnesses, causing you to have excessive bleeding and pain.

Our expert team of surgically trained professionals are highly qualified and will determine the best care you need.

The other services that you can get in our facility include but not limited to;

·         Birth control

You will be given advice on the best birth control measures that you can take. These may include birth control pills and IUD, both of which we can deliver to you.

·         Testing and screening for STDs

It is essential to test and screen for STDs because many go unnoticed and may reveal themselves later when it isn’t straightforward to manage. Others may even go away themselves, such as HPV. In our facility, we test and screen for STDs that you may have but do not know. With the above information, I hope you have all the information you need to visit our facility and get the best possible care. Some of the conditions are easily treated, and some are vital that you detect at an early stage of development to prevent costly future procedures. Therefore, booking an appointment with us will guarantee you that you get to arrest some conditions which are treatable at the early stages.