April 15, 2024

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The Healthy Lovers

Creating Wealth Through Working

Every wealth creator that has made a mark on the sand of time did so through the channel of WORK. Now I know everywhere you have been told or hyped in to believing that that there are ways of creating wealth without lifting a finger. It is a big lie. Hear me, there is no free lunch in life. Let’s define work. what is work? Work is the delivery canal through which you birth your worth in a tangible form. Remember in my previous article, I made mention of creating wealth through finding solution to the needs of other through the creation of product which could either be in form of goods or services.

The creation of goods or services comes through the channel of work. Now with your understanding of what work is, you can begin to understand that without work, your desire for wealth creation will a day dream. Work involves your day to day activities that impact your desire to create wealth. Has a matter of fact, it is work that gives expression to your true worth. Many people shudder at the mention of the word work because they have a wrong understanding of what it is.

Work is not slaving away to survive. Work is actually doing what you enjoy doing and at the same time creating wealth for yourself. Every wealthy man knows that working is the key to translate dreams to realities. Work is the bridge between your dream and the land of reality. You don’t need encouragement to do what gives you pleasure.The reason many shiver at the mention of the word work, is because all their lives they’ve have never enjoy what they do.They work only to get by and be able to pay their bills.

There is no shortcut to wealth creation without working. Nothing work without you working it