January 28, 2022

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Debunking the Common Myths Concerning Varicose Veins

6 varicose vein myths debunked - Mayo Clinic Health System

If you have recently been diagnosed or have noticed varicose veins, you probably try to distinguish the facts from the myths. However, the worst part is you may find out that almost everyone suddenly has an opinion about who gets varicose veins, why they get them, and what they should do about the whole situation. If you are not sure if you have varicose veins, try looking for blue, bulging, and twisted veins that can be seen and felt under your skin surface. Mostly, they are a result of leaky valves and weakened walls of the veins. As such, it is essential to understand what you are faced with. If you are interested in Sebring varicose vein treatment, you may be faced with various myths and misconceptions that may cloud your judgment.

It would help if you learned the truth about varicose veins to make a better-informed decision concerning your health. The following are some of the myths you may have come across:

Varicose Veins Can Be Caused by Crossing Your Legs

Crossing your legs does not cause varicose veins, and neither does wearing tight clothes or shoes. These factors can only exacerbate varicose veins, but that is only if you already have them. Notably, increased pressure may cause blood to pool inside a vein making it bulge, but external pressure does not have the same effect.

Varicose Veins Only Affect Women

While varicose veins are pretty common in women, men can get them too, and some studies have shown the risk may be almost equal. The risk of getting varicose veins is inherited, so family history is the most significant determining factor and not gender like most people tend to believe. The unfortunate bit is most men and women with symptoms still go untreated, and the condition eventually becomes worse.

Varicose Veins Are Only a Cosmetic Issue, and There is Nothing to Worry About

There is no denying that varicose veins can be pretty unsightly since no one enjoys walking around with blue bulging veins. While this is a significant cosmetic concern, it goes way deeper than that. Some people may get varicose veins because they are overweight, which can cause other health concerns such as increasing the risk of being diabetic. Likewise, having extra weight may put unnecessary pressure on your veins, ultimately damaging them. By leaving your varicose veins untreated, you are putting yourself at a risk of more significant problems such as leg ulcers and blood clots. It is not just a cosmetic issue.

Running Might Cause Varicose Veins

Any exercise, including running, is a good thing for your veins. It promotes circulation. Likewise, unlike popular opinion, walking or running can lead to more calf-muscle pumping and more blood finding its way back to the heart. At no point does running cause varicose veins. It is only a misconception, and the truth is it makes your circulation better, ultimately improving your vein health.

Everyone can get varicose veins, and it is nothing anyone wants to be associated with. However, seek treatment as early as possible and enjoy a better appearance in your legs. By learning what is true and what is not, you can make an informed decision about your particular condition.