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Did you know about Post-Blepharoplasty Repair?

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When you approach your 50s and above, your body parts such as chin, face skin, eyelids, neck, and others change their appearance. However, there are other factors such as medicines and diseases that can change your appearance. According to research, you can undergo surgical and non-surgical processes to improve your skin appearance. Blepharoplasty surgical technique is done to correct drooping eyelids. However, your eyelids can fail to attain the required treatment at the first surgery. For a second surgery, book an appointment with a Scarsdale post-blepharoplasty repair specialist. Below are the candidates for post-blepharoplasty surgery.

The best candidate for post-blepharoplasty minimally invasive surgery

The best candidate for post-blepharoplasty is the one who had gone through the first surgery. The surgery is done to make your eyelids presentable and non-sagging. However, even if you have never undergone blepharoplasty surgery, your doctor can also make you a candidate. Every surgical process needs a person free from diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, blood clotting issues, and excessive bleeding. For the doctor to make sure you are free from diseases, you will undergo blood screening and a full body check-up. After the check-up, your doctor will take you through the surgical process. The below paragraph shows how blepharoplasty surgery is conducted.

How blepharoplasty surgical procedure is done

Since blepharoplasty is a minimally invasive surgery, no open surgery is done. Your doctor will eliminate fat that makes your lower eyelid sag using a medical instrument. However, if you are prone to discomforts, your doctor can suggest local anesthesia. On the other hand, your upper eyelid can also become complex and sagged. During the treatment, your doctor pulls it a little bit towards the eyelashes. The excess skin is trimmed, muscles removed, and the remaining skin is joined together using tiny stitches. According to research, you can continue with your normal routines since the surgery is pain and bleeding-free. However, before you undergo post-blepharoplasty surgery, there are some things you should observe. Below are a few factors to consider before having the surgery.

What you should do to have a successful eyelid surgery

There are several post-operative instructions from your doctor you should do. They include;

·       Get enough sleep and rest. As we all know, sleep and rest relax your mind and body. When you fail to have adequate sleep, your eyelids can become swollen, hindering the surgical process.

·       Avoid harmful medicines. There are some medications that can cause serious side effects during surgery. You should not take aspirins and vitamin-based drugs since they can lead to bleeding during surgery.

·       Do not smoke or drink alcohol. Smoking and alcohol leave your body dehydrated and dry. For a successful surgery, your area of treatment should be naturally moisturized.

Many people across the globe have restored their eyelid appearance through post-blepharoplasty surgery. However, it isn’t your doctor’s fault that you are having a second surgery, but it is all about excessive fat accumulation and skin sagging. Consult Dr. Robert M. Schwarcz, MD, for eyelids surgery today.