July 15, 2024

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Effective Pain Management Using the Services of a Pain Expert

Most people could ignore mild pain and see a doctor only when they have chronic pain, and they fail to realize that any form of pain is how the body shows that something is wrong. There is no need to grin and bear the pain that results from post-surgery procedures, injury, or infections such as arthritis. You can reach out to pain experts like Jay M. Shah MD, who will help you find the real cause of pain and manage it. An expert could help deal with chronic pain that does not go away with home remedies and medications and refer you to experts who can treat any underlying condition.

A Pain Expert Could Help You Know the Real Cause of the Pain

You should not suffer from continuous pain. Even when under the care of a family doctor, you can still seek a pain expert’s services. Your primary caregiver could work with a pain expert, and their referral could be highly valuable when finding a pain expert. The pain expert could use the primary caregiver’s diagnosis and listen to your complaints when finding the root of the pain. It could help if you told them the history of the pain, the intensity, and when it hits the most for proper diagnosis. Most pain results from post-surgery procedures, injuries, and diseases like arthritis, and your pain expert will know the real cause of your pain.

Why You Should See a Pain Expert

·       Pain that does not go away

Some pain that persists for over six weeks could be considered chronic, and it needs urgent help from a pain expert to go away. Mostly the chronic pain arises from different underlying conditions. Although over-the-counter medications could temporarily deal with the pain, it could take a pain expert to take care of it completely. First, the expert could determine the underlying medical conditions and help you find the required care for the condition to help curb chronic pain. If you do not treat the underlying condition, it could further complicate your health and lead to intensified pain.

·       A pain doctor addresses different factors associated with pain

A pain expert could treat deeper issues that contribute to the pain. For instance, pain that results from arthritis could be due to obesity, which exerts too much pressure on the joints. The pain doctor could help you address obesity, thus effectively dealing with arthritis and reducing chronic pain. Some pain could be associated with psychological issues like depression, and a pain expert could effectively deal with the psychological problems and refer you to other experts.

·       They provide multidisciplinary treatment for pain

They use medications, physical therapy, and nerve-blocking injections and implement advanced signal sending devices to deal with pain. They could also conduct further diagnostic pain testing and refer you to other specialists to properly deal with different underlying conditions. They could involve a pain psychologist’s help and conduct ongoing monitoring and follow-up activities that help deal with pain.

The Bottom Line

You do not indeed need recommendations to see a pain expert, and you should not grin with pain without seeking expert advice. They could help deal with underlying conditions that cause pain using medications, signal sending devices, and nerve-blocking injections. When in pain, you should see a pain expert restore your body to normal functioning.