January 25, 2022

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Effective Remedies for Venous Stasis Ulcers

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Anyone can develop venous ulcers, and they can occur anywhere on your leg though they are common around the knee, calf, and ankle. The ulcers may cause itching and burning sensations that can be uncomfortable and irritating. If you’re looking for ulcer treatments in Manhattan, Elite Veins NY should be your ultimate choice.

What causes the development of venous stasis ulcers?

A venous stasis ulcer is a mild wound that occurs due to poor blood circulation in your leg veins, leading to an increase in pressure on the lower leg, below your calf, or above your ankle. With time the increased pressure forces fluids and blood to flow out of your veins and leak into the surrounding tissues. Over time, you may experience skin texture and tone changes, swelling, and inflammation of the affected area. The leakage may lead to the breakdown of the surrounding tissues, resulting in a small wound on the surface.

Why should you seek immediate treatment for a venous stasis ulcer?

If a venous stasis ulcer is left untreated, it may continue enlarging, putting you at risk for complex complications like bone and skin infections. Additionally, venous ulcers heal slowly and rarely heal on their own. In some cases, ulcers may take up to a year or longer to heal, even with professional care of a vein specialist. Dr. Radwaner recommends that you seek immediate attention for a venous ulcer to prevent life-threatening complications.

What happens during ulcer treatment?

During your visit at Elite Veins NY, Dr. Radwaner carefully examines your leg and orders imaging or blood tests to determine the root cause of your ulcer. He may also review your medical history before creating a personalized treatment plan that may include:

  • Compression stockings

Compression stockings reduce venous hypertension, inflammation, improve blood flow and enhance tissue vascularization. They also prevent ulcers from recurring.

  • Innovative dressings

During your treatment, Dr. Radwaner may utilize specialized dressings, such as Hydrocolloid, to speed up the healing process. They provide a conducive environment for faster healing by keeping the ulcer moist and absorbing excess body fluids. The dressing also utilizes your body’s enzymes to promote healing.

  • Leg elevation

Placing your leg in a raised position improves blood flow and reduces swelling and fluid build-up.

  • Debridement (wound cleaning)

Dr. Radwaner may also use enzymes or specialized dressings to meticulously clean the wound while removing callus and dead tissue from the ulcer.

  • Wound care at home

Dr. Radwaner may demonstrate to you the procedure of cleaning the wound and changing the dressing. He may also show you how to protect the healthy tissues surrounding the affected area. Wound healing depends on how you take care of it to prevent it from worsening or getting infected.

  • Medications

The team at Elite Veins NY may prescribe some medications to help you manage the ulcer, treat infections or underlying conditions like blood clots.

If you suspect that you have a venous, do not hesitate to call Elite Veins NY or schedule an appointment online to begin your journey to recovery.