February 25, 2024

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Enjoy A Revitalized Appearance with Cost-Efficient Laser Hair Removal in New York

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

The Elite+┬« laser system is available at Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center for excellent laser hair removal. Elite+┬« Laser utilizes light treatment to attack and effectively destroy hair follicles, limiting future growth while not affecting the neighboring tissue or skin. At the practice, the laser hair removal cost is individualized for every patient, depending on the targeted treatment area, the number of sessions necessary, among other considerations. Thus, a face-to-face consultation is essential to assess the patient’s physique and the suitable treatment choice. To learn more, schedule a consultation today through mobile or use the online booking service.

What Areas Can Laser Hair Removal Address?

The board-certified aestheticians at Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center eradicate hair from most areas of your body (apart from near the eyes). The following are the most typically addressed areas:

o   Underarms and arms

o   Chest and back

o   Bikini line

o   Legs

o   Face (cheeks, upper lip, etc.)

The laser therapy is effective and safe over most hair types and colors, from fine, thick to blonde hair, black hair, and functions on all skin types, from dark to light.

How Many Treatments Will You Require?

Your laser hair reduction approach makes use of some of the most cutting-edge laser treatment technology available. With Cynosure® Elite+TM, you can finally wave goodbye to undesired hair. Alex and Yag, two of the machines available at Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center, have varying settings. Because of these two settings, the machines are ideal for ALL skin types.

The frequency of your hair-removal procedures is determined by:

o   The targeted treatment region

o   Your hair’s thickness and structure

o   The amount of hair you want to be eliminated

Treatment options for smaller areas usually take minutes. However, greater areas necessitate a longer time, up to 30 minutes. Several treatments at the specific treatment area are necessary for lengthy, perpetual hair removal. This guarantees that every hair follicle in the region is fully destroyed, as hair grows back usually after only a few sessions.

You do not have to let your hair grow out between appointments, and you can care for as usual. Laser hair removal not only addresses hair growth issues but also concerns like ingrown hairs!

Is There A Risk of Adverse Effects, and is Hair Removal Painful?

Limit sun exposure or other prolonged exposure to UV lights (like artificial tanning) for the greatest results in body hair eradication. Because laser treatments destroy the hair follicle, the skin all around the treated area ought not to be subjected before the procedure owing to increased sensitivity.

Patients typically report a snapping feeling at the region of the laser during treatment. Side effects, which are normally minimal and resolve within several days, include:

o   Redness

o   Some inflammation

o   A little burning feeling similar to a sunburn

Following a laser hair removal treatment, you will require no downtime and can resume your normal activities right away!

Men and women across New York can benefit from cost-efficient laser hair removal at Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center. Once your provider determines the number of treatments you require to realize optimal results, he/she will get you on a schedule. Call the office or request an appointment online today to get started.