January 28, 2022

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Everything About Bayside Headgear that Wins Patients

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A smile is the most beautiful gift of God. But sometimes we hesitate to smile because of misaligned teeth. Misaligned teeth are most common among kids and that’s why people look out for the orthodontist. While braces and clear aligners are still the options in the market, most parents prefer orthodontist headgear. So if you are planning on one, it’s time to know all about Bayside head gear.

What is Orthodontic Headgear?

Headgear is used by orthodontics for correct jaw alignment and growth. It is also known as additional oral appliances used for suitable malocclusion.  Headgear is mostly used by dentists when teeth do not align properly. As the name implies, it is the device that is worn on the head. The headgear includes three main parts, which are face bow or J hooks, head caps, and attachments.

Why Headgear is Used?

This headgear is used to treat malocclusion. Malocclusion isn’t just an aesthetic issue. Unaligned teeth can raise the likelihood of various health problems, such as sleep problems and temporomandibular conditions if they are not rectified at time. Although many kids object to wearing headgear, if an orthodontist believes it is required to properly address malocclusion, caregivers should do all possible to ensure their child’s compliance. 

Things to Keep in Mind While Having Headgear

It is suggested by orthodontists to wear headgear at least for 4-5 hours a day. Most people put their headgear aside while sleeping, but that is the wrong approach. To quickly observe results, it should be worn at night for at least 8 hours. The reason for the same is during sleep, growth hormones are generated in the body.

Further, the child can remove the headgear if he is playing or eating. It is okay to drink via straw while wearing headgear. It is not allowed to chew gum or hard-to-digest food while wearing headgear. However, you can offer cold foods to kids. The cold food soothes the gums.

Headgear can be uncomfortable or painful sometimes so don’t force your kid. There are various orthodontists available in Bayside who prefer the ramping-up phase on kids. In this phase, they suggest kids wear headgear for 1 hour a day and slowly increase the timing. 

There are no risks associated with headgear if it is worn correctly. However, kids may experience pain and uneasiness. If the pain is severe, then it is best to reach out to the orthodontist immediately. Further, to get results quickly, it is best to wear headgear as suggested by the orthodontist in Bayside.