June 21, 2024

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Get Accurate Diagnosis for Your Injury or Condition Through Diagnostic Imaging

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For the past three decades, healthcare providers have relied on diagnostic imaging to make accurate diagnoses. Whether you have had an injury or a terminal illness, your doctor can rely on diagnostic imaging to identify your problem and tailor the best medical solutions. One such medical facility specializing in this medical sub-specialty is Lake Family Medicine & Imaging, under the leadership of Dr. Raj Kandavanam. By the end of this article, you will understand how diagnostic imaging can benefit you.

The benefits of medical imaging

If your primary care provider has referred you to a diagnostic imaging specialist, it means your condition is beyond regular physical examinations and blood tests. Your doctor understands the consequences of making assumptions when it comes to injuries and conditions. Other benefits of medical imaging include:

Precise diagnosis for early treatment

Supposing you have had a head injury and your doctor prescribes painkillers for headache. You might not know whether your injury is causing a headache or any other condition in such an event. Diagnostic imaging allows your doctor to identify what parts of your head have been affected by the injury. That makes it easier for your doctor to make an accurate diagnosis and offer the best treatment plan to solve your case.

It is noninvasive, hence painless

Diagnostic imaging systems include MRI, ultrasound, CT scans, X-rays, and mammograms. These tools are painless and nonsurgical. For example, if you are having back pain, your doctor can use MRI to see your spine. Your doctor can detect any abnormalities in your spine, discs, and vertebrae to determine the source of your pain.

Budget-friendly services

When looking at the economic aspect of diagnostic imaging, it is easy to conclude that it is affordable for patients. Your doctor can identify your injury or condition without taking you through expensive explorative surgical procedures. Some conditions can be treated using regular medications after successful diagnostic imaging. This makes it affordable for people with less-complicated conditions or injuries. But if your injury is serious, imaging can help doctors decide whether to recommend surgery or other non-invasive treatment options.

It comes in handy when seeking a second opinion

Did you know that your medical history can be communicated to other specialists at the click of a button? Once your doctor refers you to a diagnostic imaging specialist, you will not have to carry hard copies for medical reviewing. It also comes in handy when you want to avoid excessive radiation whenever you want to get tested. And if you have data privacy and security concerns, diagnostic imaging protects you from fraudulent activities.

Visit Lake Family Medicine & Imaging for Diagnostic Imaging

Now that you have understood the benefits of medical imaging, it is advisable to visit the experts. The decision comes in handy when your primary care provider fails to identify your medical problem. It means that your situation is beyond regular diagnostic approaches. During your visit, always make a point of asking your specialist about the imaging method they intend to use. That way, you will know what to expect. To learn more about diagnostic imaging and its benefits, schedule a consultation with Lake Family Medicine & Imaging today.