April 15, 2024

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Get Amazing Seeds In Alberta!

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There’s one thing that every grower needs to keep in mind while growing weed, and that is the fact that a lot depends on the seed bank that you get your seeds from. With a legalization of marijuana, many people have jumped on the bandwagon of selling weed seeds and you cannot always be sure that you are getting your seeds from proper experts. This is why you must be very careful when getting your seeds in Alberta. 

Paying attention to the quality of seeds, variety of strains, and customer care can help you understand whether you are dealing with a good seed bank in your area. The following are a few characteristics that you can keep in mind when trying to understand whether the seed bank you are sourcing seeds from is a good one:

They have a huge variety of seeds!

When you go to any ecommerce website, you’re bound to get put off if you only see a few measly products or brands available to you. You’d much rather explore your options and browse through a vast array of products that are perfect for you, right? The same logic applies to when you are shopping for seeds in Alberta.

Check whether the seed bank offers a large variety of different strains. They should have Sativa x Sativa, Indica x Indica, Sativa x Indica and Indica x Sativa strains – and not just one or two options, but plenty of them! This can ensure that you can take your pick off the best possible options!

They offer high quality seeds!

Now, in order to check whether a seed bank is offering high quality seeds, there’s no way out of actually buying seeds. To be on the safe side, by the minimum amount of seeds that you can, such as 3-4. Then, once they arrive, you must check what they look and feel like.

If the seeds that you have ordered are healthy ones, then they should be grey or black coloured. On the other hand, if the seeds you have ordered are unhealthy ones, then they would be white or green coloured. These are the biggest indicators of the fact that the seed isn’t healthy. Other than this, you should also check how they feel. Squeeze a seed lightly between two fingers. If it feels firm, then it is healthy. If it is not healthy, then it will crumble. This is the best way to know whether they are healthy.

These are the main ways to know whether the seeds you have ordered are high quality ones, and whether the seed bank you are working with is one that is trustworthy and run by experts!