July 14, 2024

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Get the Best Chiropractic Care at Pain Relief Center

Are you looking for chiropractic medicine and services? Pain Relief Center is the place to get better chiropractic medicine. With an experienced staff working hard to provide quality services, the clinic has great recognition for its services. It has a reputation for providing services that satisfy the client’s goals. Dr. Ron Marinaro in Studio City is pursuing his interest in great research on neurodiagnostic testing, spinal biomechanical engineering, and MRI interpretation of the spine for patients with spinal defects. He is also obsessed with the dynamics of car accidents leading to serious injuries. Apart from spinal complications and chiropractic medicine, the clinic offers the following services: neck pain, herniated disc, back pain, joint pain, neuroma, frozen shoulder, scoliosis, and auto accident injury.

Frozen shoulder

A frozen shoulder is a condition causing shoulder pain and is characterized by the thickening, stiffening, and tightening of the shoulder capsule. The condition worsens over time, but there is a noticeable improvement from the condition after a period of time. It takes three years to recover from the frozen shoulder fully. People with diabetes and above 40 years are likely to suffer from frozen shoulders. The treatment plan for frozen shoulder includes nutrition therapy, therapeutic exercise, chiropractic adjustments, and an at-home rehabilitation plan.


Scoliosis is an unusual curvature in the spinal cord. Scoliosis is characterized by the spine rotating and curving sideways, creating an S-shaped or C-shaped curve. The disorder is commonly diagnosed in teens and children in the growth stage. Treatment of this disorder prevents further progression. Treatment for scoliosis includes physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medication, massage therapy, and therapeutic exercise.

Neck pain

Neck pain results from poor posture, wrong sleeping position, certain diseases, whiplash from a car accident, or stress headaches. Injuries around the neck region also can be a cause of pain and stiffness. The team of specialists from the clinic treats neck pain according to its cause, then examines it and recommends a treatment plan that offers lasting help from pain. The neck pain treatment plan includes massage therapy, physical chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, and exercising the neck muscles.

Back pain

Back pain is the uncomfortableness on the back part of the body due to arthritis, sciatica, bone fracture, ligament sprain, muscle strain, and spinal stenosis. Back pain symptoms include a low range of motion, difficulty in sitting, a tendency to slouch, a sharp pain in movement, and lower backache. Treatment for back pain includes manual therapy, fracture care, therapeutic ultrasound, physical therapy, and injections.


A neuroma is a group of disorganized nerve cells that are found around an injured nerve. A neuroma can be due to an injury that completely disrupts the nerve. It is common among people aged 50 and above. It can grow in any body part. Morton’s neuroma is a neuroma affecting the foot, and it causes a lot of discomfort around the toes. Treatment plans for neuroma include pulsed electromagnetic energy, physical therapy, therapeutic exercise, and chiropractic adjustments.

If you are suffering from the above disorders, it will be wise to seek medication from the Pain Relief Center. Staff at the clinic offers quality services at a minimal cost. You can book an online appointment to meet the doctor. The facility is located in Studio City, California.