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Going for a Woman Wellness Exam- Is it worth it?

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By the time you book your appointment for your first woman wellness exam, it means you have weighed both the pros and cons. The thought opening up about your private life to a stranger is enough to dissuade you from visiting one. However, you will have the peace of mind knowing about your health and solving any issue that may arise before it gets worse. It gets better when you are in the hands of an expert. But before you do, here are the things you need to know before you book your appointment for San Antonio well woman exams.

What does a well woman exam entail?

As a woman of the reproductive age, your sexual healthcare should come first. Well woman exams are preventive care that helps to maintain the wellness of your reproductive health. During the visit, your gynecologist or nurse will examine you in three different ways:


Your doctor will enquire about your lifestyle and habits, in order to learn more about your health. You need to answer all the questions correctly so that your doctor can develop a suitable medical plan for you.

Physical exam

Your doctor will use medical equipment to examine your reproductive system to detect any irregularities. The physical portions include:

a.       A breast exam

If any of your family members have a personal history of breast cancer, your doctor may perform a mammogram to determine if you are at risk of getting affected. Here, X-rays will be performed to check if the breast tissues present have any cancerous irregularities. The exam is also recommended for women of a specific age.

b.      Pelvic exams

Cervical cancer, Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are rampant among sexually active women. A pap smear and other pelvic exams may be performed to detect the diseases. A typical pelvic exam involves swabbing the cervix for cervical cancer. Therefore, it is important to schedule an appointment for these tests before it is too late.


 During the counselling sessions, your doctor will inform you of their findings in order to develop a medical plan to grant you good health. These sessions are normally brief, and they may be over before you know it. If the doctor recommends that you make a return visit, always remember to obey it. The doctors and nurses have your interest at heart, so you should relax and voice your feelings.

How will you benefit from a well woman exam?

The complicated nature of the female anatomy is what drives gynaecologists and other medical practitioners to recommend for well woman exams. You may be feeling fine at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you are 100% healthy. Visiting your doctor for the first time is a clear indication that you value your health. Here are the advantages of well woman exams:

a.       Access to birth control options

Even though birth control options are available over-the-counter, you can never be sure about what works for you. The last thing you want is to go for birth control that compromises your health. Your gynaecologist knows what is right for you. The only way of doing that is by booking an appointment with your doctor.

b.      Preventive measures

As long as you belong to the reproductive age and sexually active, you are susceptible to cervical cancer and other reproductive health issues. Taking preventive measures help in detecting any irregularities, should there be any. Only a doctor or a nurse can perform these tests and screenings, so visiting one will work for your benefit.

c.       Expert counselling sessions

Doctors and nurses are professionals who are trained to handle patients with care. When you share your intimate concerns with a compassionate expert means that you are looking out for your wellbeing. During these sessions, you will get up-close and personal with your medical provider in order to find a viable solution for your problem.

d.      Affordable care

The federal government has set aside funds to promote both male and female healthcare. This means that any woman can walk into a medical facility to receive free-to-low healthcare. Some tests and medical interventions may attract some fees, so getting insured will work for your benefit. Most clinics may accept specific insurance plans, which is why you need to check with your provider before scheduling your appointment.

Preparing for your wellness visit

Your medical history and age greatly determine the tests that your doctor may partake. So, you don’t need much to get ready for a wellness visit. Hopefully, the following tips will help ease any tensions you may be having

1.      Always go a day after your periods or when it is extremely light. Your doctor may want to perform a physical exam, so your periods may prevent them from doing it effectively. If you suspect that your appointment may coincide with your periods, you can ask your doctor to reschedule it.

2.      Asking questions about the benefits of well woman exams and how they will be conducted, is an important thing to do. Because you want to get enough information, it is advisable to write them down lest you forget all of them.

3.      Confiding in a doctor may be daunting if you are introverted. If you are the type that feels uncomfortable while opening to someone, you can request your doctor to allow your spouse, friend, or parent accompany you during the visits.

An obstetrician and Women’s Health Nurse Can assist you

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