May 20, 2024

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Group Therapy and Its Benefits When Treating Addiction

Some of the Benefits of Group Therapy for Addiction Treatment

There are lots of options for treating addiction and group therapy is one of them. Your Malibu, CA addiction treatment specialist may combine various treatment options to help you beat addiction to alcohol or prescription drugs. Group therapy is one of the most valuable tools of a treatment since it allows patients to get treatment in the presence of others going through similar challenges.

What is Group Therapy?

Group therapy is a treatment option that lets patients work through their issues by interacting with a group of people with similar problems. A therapist works with them to address their issues in a safe, private, and non-judgmental environment. All members of the group talk about the nature of their addiction, their struggles, and their feelings.

Therapists may use various therapeutic approaches along with group therapy. Some of the most common ones are cognitive-behavioral and psychoanalytic therapies. Group therapy may involve;

  1.     Workshops and educational lectures
  2.     Expressive therapy which may include; poetry, dance, or art
  3.     Educational group activities and interactions

Generally, the sessions last a maximum of three hours. Group sizes vary but they are usually small groups of 6 to 12 members. The frequency of their meetings varies depending on the needs of group members and the recommendations of the therapist.

Benefits of Group Therapy

  • It builds a sense of self-esteem and trust.
  • Patients get the opportunity to discuss their emotions and challenges in a safe and supportive environment.
  • It creates a sense of self-awareness.
  • Being surrounded by others with similar challenges eliminates loneliness.
  • Interacting with others may help patients recognize and address hidden issues.
  • In group therapy, you get the chance to try out new behaviors and ways of thinking. When you go back to the real world, you may have healthier ways of addressing personal problems.
  • Even though group therapy is great, it can be ineffective for patients who are not motivated to participate. Group therapy is only effective for those who are willing to open up about their issues and ask for the help they need.
  • Group therapy can be very beneficial for teens. They are likely to be influenced by what their peers think and experience. Group therapy may be more helpful for them than other options.

Is Group Therapy Right for You?

Group therapy may be a great option for many people. If you get group therapy, your addiction treatment specialist will match you up with a group of people that have similar goals and struggles. They will consider your emotional state, stage in recovery, unique needs, and preferred treatment options.

Group therapy is not an appropriate option if you;

  1.     Have trouble building relationships with others
  2.     Cannot maintain the level of confidentiality that is demanded by groups
  3.     Get anxiety or extreme stress when you are around others

In conclusion, group therapy may be a good option for most people. Working with a trained therapist along with others who are going through similar struggles may help you address your addiction and other personal struggles.