April 14, 2024

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Have You Tried These Proven Tips for Your Facelift Recovery?

Five Tips To Reduce Swelling After Facelift Surgery

Many factors contribute to lines and wrinkles on your face, but you do not have to live with them. If you have already undergone a facelift to improve on your appearance, then you are probably on to recovery. If you have not, a facelift in Reston is available at Rostami OPC. For whatever reasons you might go for the procedure, your recovery will require your provider’s collaboration. What you will do after you leave the operating room is critical to the results you get.  The following tips can help you through your recovery.

Avoid Overexertion

After any surgery, whether cosmetic or not, it is important to avoid undue exertion. Please take it easy while you bend over or you are doing something that can increase your blood flow in your face. This is because exertion can increase your bleeding risks and result in a condition known as a hematoma, which causes wound healing problems.

Therefore, consult your provider on resuming your daily activities. You are advised to wait for at least two weeks before you gradually resume your activities. For more strenuous activities, you have to wait for about six weeks.

Certain Medications, Smoking, and Alcohol are Not Good for You

Any blood thinning substance should be avoided both before and after the facelift procedure. Prescriptions such as Ibuprofen and aspirin should be avoided. Alcohol and some health supplements should also be avoided as they increase bleeding risks, which can cause complications such as hematoma formation. Additionally, if you smoke, it would be better to quit the habit for a few weeks as it can cause healing complications. Note that even if you are a nonsmoker, but you get exposed to secondhand smoke, it can also cause complications. Therefore, it would be good to avoid people or places that expose you.

Keep Still

After your facelift procedure, it is advisable to be as reasonably still as possible. This is because  excessive movements of your head or neck can put strains on the incisions, which can enlarge the scars or raise them, making it hard to camouflage with makeup. Please wait for the swelling to fade away before you get back to regular activities. 

Avoid Sun Exposure

Don’t forget that the sun could be the very reason why you had to go for the facelift procedure. Therefore, it can have effects on your skin now that your skin is fresher. Your skin now is more sensitive to sunburns, and it is highly advisable to stay out of the sun. When you are in the sun, make sure to wear a hat or use high-level sunblock.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Although icing can help you manage some effects of the facelift procedure, please don’t overdo it. Due to the numbing effect after the procedure, you might not note how cold your skin is getting. Therefore, it is good to use time intervals to limit your icing. You can ice for 15 minutes and then remove for 15 minutes. If you are using heat, you also have to regulate it in order to avoid some complications.

After the facelift procedure, your provider will give you special instructions to help you through your recovery process. Your collaboration will be essential in making your recovery successful and have excellent results. Contact the specialists at Rostami OPC if you have any questions on recovering from your facelift procedure.