June 22, 2024

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Headaches: What Everyone Ought to Know

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Almost half of the American adults report at least a single case of headache per year. The common ailment is available in over a hundred versions affecting individuals from around the globe. It is best to address each case of persistent and enervating head pain to get immediate and long-term relief. If you have a headache in Schaumburg, Saint Charles, Barrington, or Arlington Heights, Illinois, call or visit the website to book an appointment today.

What’s a Headache?

A headache is a pain radiating around your head, face, and neck region. The resulting headache differs from one patient to the next owing to the affected parts, the magnitude of pain, and the type of pain. Exhale Sinus & Facial Pain Center offers personalized treatment for common headaches like migraines, cluster headaches, stress headaches, and about a hundred more.

Common Types of Headaches

§  Migraines. When battling migraines, you are likely to experience unbearable pain that can last for days. Other symptoms include a deep excruciating pain across the whole head and the neck region, sleeping more than usual, extreme nausea, and chronic migraines.

§  Stress or tension headaches. The pain from tension or stress headaches are dull aches in your back, shoulders, neck, and back, mostly due to stress. Your treatment plan may include a massage and a hot bath to relax affected muscles and ease your symptoms.

§  Cluster headaches. A cluster headache may occur several times throughout the day for minutes or hours. The excruciating pain around your eyes can affect your focus at work and other parts of the day. If left untreated, the unfortunate pattern could last for months.

At Exhale Sinus and Facial Pain Center, Dr. Vaughn and a team of board-certified specialists are versed in handling all kinds of headaches. Your provider involves you in creating a treatment plan that reduces your pain and minimizes your chances of returning.

How to Prevent Headaches

Most headaches are amplified by lifestyle choices. Common factors that are likely to make your symptoms worse include:

§  Stress

§  Hunger

§  Alcohol

§  Dehydration

§  Smoking

§  Eyestrain

§  Sugar crashes

§  Sleep patterns

§  Harmful foods

§  Caffeine withdrawal

Dr. Vaughn’s team works with you in addressing the underlying causes of your headache. Your provider adopts a holistic approach that considers your body as a single unit to deliver effective and long-term results.

Treatment for Headaches

For occasional headaches, you may benefit from taking acetaminophen, drinking plenty of water, and getting enough rest. For frequent head pain that could last for days or gets worse by the day, you should seek immediate professional advice as your symptoms get worse.

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Wrapping Up

Exhale Sinus and Facial Pain Center embraces an integrative approach that delivers long-term headache pain relief. The practice uses state-of-the-art approaches like acupuncture and physical therapy tackling head pain from the underlying source of your pain.