April 15, 2024

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Are you looking for advanced medical and surgical care for nose, ear, and throat conditions? ENT of New Orleans is the answer to all your worries as they serve patients of all calibers from the oldest to the youngest, from seniors to infants across the New Orleans area. Consulting a Marrero, La facial plastic surgeon for information about cosmetic plastic surgery could be wise as they have experience and have worked with many people for the service. The clinic’s team is devoted to providing high-quality services using cutting-edge technology provided in a cool environment. Skilled surgeons of the firm offer cosmetic plastic surgery like brow lifts and facelifts. Apart from cosmetic plastic surgery, the clinics offer the following services: vertigo, ear infection, sinus surgery, allergies, sleep apnea, Botox, thyroid, skincare, and pediatric ENT.


An allergy is caused by an allergen, which are materials that cause an overreaction of the body, and normally allergens are not harmful to all people. Examples of allergens include dust, pollen grains, certain food, smoke, and some insect bites. In allergy cases, a fast-acting epinephrine injection is administered to allow the child to breathe. Symptoms of allergies include cough, running nose, itchy eyes, swollen eyes, and blocked nose. Treating allergy is done by first knowing the cause of the allergy. Avoiding the allergen can be a better treatment. Other treatments include immunotherapy and balloon sinuplasty.

Ear infection

An ear infection is caused by bacteria or viruses from a cold or flu. The germ settles in the mid area of the ear, the area connected to the throat. This causes swelling of the tissues around and also affects the eardrum causing difficulty in hearing. An ear infection is a common disease among children as their ears are small, giving a suitable room for bacteria to multiply and fluid buildup. Symptoms of an ear infection include fever, headache, and troublesome sleep. Antibiotics can be prescribed to the patient to correct the infection.


Botox is an injectable medicine made of botulinum toxin, which affects the targeted area by stopping the muscles from contracting. Wrinkles are a result of muscle relaxation. There are two types of wrinkles that can be treated by Botox, that is, static wrinkles and dynamic wrinkles. Static wrinkles are due to natural aging where collagen and moisture are reduced. Dynamic wrinkles are a result of muscle movement made when trying to make a facial expression. In the hand of skilled dermatologists at the ENT of New Orleans, you have the assurance of natural-looking results from the Botox injection.


Vertigo is dizziness that makes you feel like the room is spinning around you. Symptoms of vertigo are nausea, headache, vomiting, sweating, hearing loss, and tinnitus. Vertigo is caused by problems experienced in the inner ears or around the brainstem responsible for body balance. Other causes of vertigo are migraines, tumors, some medication, stroke, neck injury, and head injury. Vestibular rehabilitation is one of the treatments for vertigo, which involves physical therapy to strengthen the vestibular system.


Highly skilled professionals do facials with great knowledge about skincare. Facial and skincare are done to correct aging skin, acne, dry skin, hyperpigmentation problems, oily skin, and dull skin tone. The clinic is known to provide Obagi products, which are used to get the best of your skin rather than correcting common issues about your skin.

If you need the above services or are suffering from one of the disorders, it will be wise to seek medication in the ENT of New Orleans center, where the staff is willing to provide services that match your goals. You can book an online appointment to see a specialist. The facility is located in Marrero, Louisiana.