May 20, 2024

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Heartburn Intervention Efforts to Help Increase Your Quality of Life

Heartburn, acid reflux, and GERD: What's the difference?

Heartburn can hurt one of your best days out, especially when you are with your friends. Clinical studies have shown that the risk of heartburn increases when you add weight. Additionally, you are more likely to reduce your heartburn chances when you reduce weight and follow a better diet. Reduce your risk of heartburn by partnering with Dr. Chad Carlton, who has many years’ experience in helping people reduce their weight and ultimately their heartburn chances.

What is There to Know About Heartburn?

Heartburn is a medical issue that causes pain in your chest, especially in the evenings when you want to lie down. Some medical centers or publications refer to it as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), as with it, the acid in your stomach flows into the esophagus, causing you pain. Additionally, you might notice increased pain when you sleep on your stomach. Heartburn has many characteristics, one of them is a bitter taste in your mouth that feels like acid.

What Are the Common Causes of Heartburn?

Heartburn associates closely with the acid in your stomach. As you probably know, acids are corrosive chemicals that your stomach uses to digest food. However, when you have heartburn, the chemical instead flows in your esophagus, where it corrodes the soft tissue exposing your nerves. This exposure causes frequent discomforts that can even affect your ordinary activities.

How Does Cutting Weight Help Reduce Heartburn

Weight is an issue associated with many chronic issues. Additionally, weight can also put additional pressure on your abdomen, an issue that may influence the digestive acid interaction with the food you take. The greater the pressure, the higher the chances of the acid flowing to the esophagus. Weight can also influence how the sphincter muscles work, making them unable to keep your stomach closed and allowing digestive acid to flow out, causing you unbearable discomfort for hours.

Over the years, weight loss has become the easiest way to lower heartburn’s effects, a procedure you can get at LoneStar Bariatrics. The center offers personalized means geared particularly at preventing the flow of acid out of your stomach.

Weight Loss Intervention Solutions to Lower Your Chances of Heartburn

Everybody has a unique body, and when you follow the weight loss solution of another person, you may not achieve the same benefits. Therefore, you need that perfect solution to help you avoid the debilitating effects of heartburn. When you visit LoneStar Bariatrics, your doctor will examine your issue and develop the best method to prevent your acid reflux issue.

You can also benefit from other techniques geared towards weight reduction. For instance, you can receive a gastric balloon, which helps keep you from eating too much, a major cause for weight gain.

Cut down your chances of acid reflux with a weight-loss session from LoneStar Bariatrics and lead a more satisfactory life. Start your journey to weight loss by calling or reaching the center through our website.