May 20, 2024

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Here Are Effective Ways to Manage and Treat Chronic Pain

Injury or aging could cause you a lot of pain that keeps reoccurring for a long period of time. You may know the source of the pain and seek treatment, or you may not be sure at times. Patients who cannot pinpoint the source may require other methods to manage their pain. Book an appointment today with Greenwich Village chronic pain specialists if you are struggling with your condition. They offer various non-surgical treatments to alleviate pain and strengthen your body. Below are the various pain management options.

Physical therapy

Exercising is the key to strengthening your back muscles and reducing chronic pain. It is advisable to work with a qualified therapist who will match your exercises with your condition. They will also advise you on how to work out safely from the comfort of your home. Common exercises include aerobics, stretching, retraining posture, and core strengthening.


Taking deep breaths and meditating helps to release tension and ease pain. According to research, pain is caused by both physical and emotional straining. Relaxation strategies include tai chi, yoga, and other techniques that will distract your mind away from pain.

Reducing stress

Stress, anger, and anxiety could be aggravating your pain by increasing your pain sensitivity. Experts recommend that you find soothing methods to lift your mood and reduce stress if you want to cope with chronic pain.


Eating too much processed foods, refined sugars, trans fats, and other inflammatory foods could actually be making your chronic pain much worse. The doctor will tell whether a diet is contributing to your pain and advise you on alternative foods healthy to your body. Also, remember to keep hydrated and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Lifestyle changes

Alcohol is not healthy for people with chronic pain. Both pain and alcohol could cause you serious sleep problems that are not healthy for your body. Additionally, you need to know how much activity your body can take with the pain condition. Activities beyond your limit will increase pain and make it reoccurring. The doctor will also advise you to quit nicotine as it interferes with the healing process.


A massage relieves pain by relaxing muscles, reducing muscle inflammation, and promoting circulation. Book an appointment to get either a deep muscle massage or a Swedish massage. They should also focus more on the area of pain. Massage has been proven to reduce pain and promote healing.

Chiropractic adjustment

A chiropractic adjustment helps to reduce and treat pain from anywhere in your body. Chiropractors are qualified medical personnel who use various methods to realign your spine. This restores nerve functions and improves blood flow to the spine. Additionally, the adjustment relieves pressure, which reduces pain and improves healing. Chiropractic adjustment mainly works by improving the functioning of your nervous system.

If the methods mentioned above do not improve your condition, doctors could take a different approach to eliminate your chronic pain permanently. This includes using functional medicine and CBD products. The impact of chronic pain could have consequences on the functioning of your daily activities. Book an appointment today with Shift Wellness to restore the quality of life.