April 14, 2024

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How Couples Therapy Works

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Couples therapy is a kind of psychotherapy handled by a licensed therapist , who has expertise in resolving conflict among relationships.They are trained for this specialization, and they used methods and strategies that are formulated  by professionals. 

Arguments are normal among couples, however if these arguments result in harming each other physically or verbally then it has to stop. Bad arguments can even result to divorce which is not good, that’s why consulting a therapist is a good step to make before it leads to unexpected situations.  

How to do Couple Therapy?

Preparing Yourselves

Prepare yourselves by identifying the main reason for your argument. Make your concern more specific so your therapist knows where to start the therapy. You might have issues with a partner but talking about getting professional help can be a good way to sort things out between you. Cooperation of both is needed,so you have to be able to commit. 

Look for  Therapist 

Find a therapist near your place, you can do it online or visit clinics if possible. When browsing online files, checking on their credentials and recommendations from previous clients can also help. There are feedbacks given by their clients and you can use this as your basis in evaluating  their service. You can opt to talk to   and find someone whom you are comfortable with. This factor is very important since you will be having sessions with them several times.  

Starting your Session

Once you have selected a therapist that you think understands your issues. Set a schedule with them for your sessions. Pick a time that is both convenient for your partner and you. Make sure that there will be no conflict or delays during this time. This is the start of your commitment to get the help you need. 

How Long Does Couple Therapy Last?

Each session can last for 45 minutes or depending on the agreement made between you and your therapist. The standard number of sessions for couple’s therapy is usually 12 sessions, it can become shorter or it can be extended depending on the progress of couples. If improvement is fast and positive then your therapist can advise you to finish the session earlier than the given time frame. 

How Much Does Couple Counseling Cost?

Charge is per hour or per session which ranges from $60 to $120 per session. The good thing about it is, it is covered by most health insurance. If it is covered by health insurance it can go down to $20 to $50 per session. Specialty of your therapist can also be a big factor on the cost of your therapy. For instance Psychiatrist And psychologist pay ranges from $100 to $300. However, remember if you really need it , cost should not be a reason to not continue it. Your marriage or relationship is more worth it than the amount you will be paying your therapist. 

How Effective is Couple Therapy?

By attending couple therapy within the given span of time, you and your partner can have a more positive outlook in life. Basically your therapist will be coaching you on how to resolve issues without arguing and learn to listen to each other’s side. Testimonials are given by couples who have undergone couple therapy, and they usually say that their relationship has become stronger because they have a broader perspective on things and always think before they argue about something. Marriage is a unity of two people who want to create a family they can call their own, that’s why it is important to fix anything that comes between couples. 
That’s how couples therapy helps people who are struggling with their relationships. Accepting the fact that you need couples counseling does not mean you are not in your right mind. It just means you value your relationship , since you are willing to have a professional step in your relationship to help you fix something you can not fix yourself. Therapists are trained to be able to give advice and make these strategies work on you. They can evaluate what needs to be done, and they know what works for each couple. If you think you need professional intervention then do it now before it’s too late.