January 28, 2022

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How Different a Yoni Massage is From Other Sensual Touches

Yoni Massage Therapy: Orgasm, Other Benefits, Techniques, Positions

While most people relate sensual massage to sex, a yoni massage is far from your typical sexual foreplay. According to professionals in lifestyle preventative medicine in Katy, TX, yoni experience entails treatment options that enhance your vaginal health and wellness. While vaginal steaming helps revitalize your vaginal muscles and uterus with warm herbal steam, a yoni massage allows the tantric practitioner to explore your vagina in a slow and sensual motion to help you understand what makes it tick for you.

What makes a yoni massage experience different from a sexual experience?

Yoni (vaginal) massage releases tension, making you feel relaxed. Unlike any other type of body massage, a yoni massage is sacred. The yoni massage is one of the most private practices that follow particular guidelines or rituals. In any given Tantric practice, your yoni is a center of pleasure and a powerful source of energy for your body. Though the treatment improves your sexual response, a yoni massage is different from sex in various ways, including:

·         No actual sex. The treatment is all about you (the recipient), helping you stimulate your vagina.

·         The set-up space is sacred

·         The giver and recipient have clear intentions

·         The treatment’s intention is awakening, transformation, and healing

·         The giver has set boundaries 

The sacred massage can help you:

·         Connect to your sexual pleasures and desires

·         Improve your vulva and vaginal blood circulation

·         Enhance your genital sensitivity

·         Have an awareness of your body and what it can do

Whether you do a yoni massage as a pleasure practice or self-care, the process might help address most of your sexual concerns, including pain during sex and issues with climaxing. Since a yoni massage is a unique experience, the medical expert might recommend massage techniques like cupping, tugging, and circling, especially for beginners. 

What should you look for in a yoni masseuse?

Finding an expert in tantric practice can be a challenging experience. However, the challenge does not mean you should settle for less. Before you contact the professional for a massage session, ask about his professional background and license to the treatment. The expert should also be an expert in physiotherapy or sexual energy techniques. Additionally, an experienced Tantric practitioner should be willing to respond to any questions you might have, feeling free to explain the whole process repeatedly.

What should you know about vaginal steaming?

 A typical vaginal steaming requires you to sit on a seemingly low stool over a steaming pot of a combination of herbs like wormwood, chamomile, rosemary, basil, and mugwort. The penetration of the spices to your vaginal tissues offers you a wide range of benefits, including boosting your fertility, accelerating healing after childbirth, and treating hemorrhoids. While some people might try steaming at home, you can also contact a Tantric practitioner for medical assistance.

If you opt for vaginal steaming, your healthcare provider might advise you not to use too hot of water. Additionally, the medical professional might suggest you move away from the steam if you start feeling uncomfortable. 

A sensual massage on your sacred places can be an ‘awkward’ experience, especially if you are a beginner. However, the treatment can help you explore your sensual emotions, helping you know what makes you have an ecstasy feeling. For more details on yoni experience, schedule an appointment with your doctor.