July 18, 2024

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How the Obama Scholarship Program Provides Single Moms Tax Relief

How the Obama Scholarship Program Provides Single Moms Tax Relief

If you’re a single mother and would like to save money on your taxes, getting an education will actually help you achieve this goal. Scholarships are now designed to help people more than ever that are going back to college thanks to President Obama’s decision to provide educational funding through his stimulus package.

With federal scholarships being offered to the tune of billions of dollars for millions of applicants, the feds have one upped themselves by allowing you to receive tax relief on the first $4000 of your annual education costs and expenses courtesy of the American Opportunity Tax Credit. The federal funding is now a very easy task, especially for single mothers that are focused upon going back to school.

Grants and scholarships are a fool for students young and old to use to get them back into college at no cost to them. For single moms, especially those that take online classes, you will be able to earn your college degree in the comfort of your home and at the same time know that it is free and that you will be saving on your taxes for the next two years.

To apply for your financial assistance, you need to begin by starting your Free Application for Federal Student Aid otherwise known as FAFSA. This will start you on the process of getting federal funding to return to college and begin your journey toward a higher paying and more rewarding career you to your collegiate Degree. Do it today