May 20, 2024

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How to Spot Symptoms of Drug Abuse and Drug Addiction

Signs and Symptoms of Prescription Drug Use

Drug addiction is one of the fatal causes of death all around the world. While many people have a stereotypical notion about drug addiction and its causes, there are a number of factors that lead to addiction, and it is one of the most helpless conditions that has affected millions all around the globe. While recreational use of alcohol and drugs does not pose much trouble, it is the signs and symptoms of addiction that has to be kept in mind. 

It is important to figure out the various symptoms of drug abuse and drug addiction as it is the first step to Getting help for drug abuse and drug addictionSome of the most common symptoms of drug addiction and drug abuse as follows:

  • A staggering feeling that you have to use drugs often. This is an uncontrollable urge to use drugs even more than once in a day that is very difficult to control and drives you to the edge until you use it. 
  • Needing more drugs than before to get the same effect or experience the “high” over time. Those who use drugs often and have been using for a certain time frame are more prone to this effect.
  • Having an extremely poignant urge for the drug of use. Users are pushed to such extremes that they cannot think of anything other than the drug when they experience such need. It blocks out almost all other thoughts. 
  • Taking more drugs over longer periods of time than you had originally wanted to. The dosage keeps increasing over time, almost uncontrollably. 
  • Spending an increasing amount of money on drugs even when you are sure that you cannot afford it. 
  • making sure that you have a constant supply of the drug. You might be making sacrifices even with basic amenities simply to be able to afford the drug. 
  • You start to take your job and other responsibilities less seriously. This is reflected in tardy work, reports of absenteeism, missing deadlines, and more. Simultaneously you also seem to lose interest and social activities and stop meeting with friends and family. Those were the two substances used by try to distance themselves from others. 
  • Continuing to use the drug even when it is causing significant psychological, social, and physical harm. 
  • Adopting behaviours that you normally would not engage in just to get some drugs. People often lie, steal, and engage in other anti-social activities. Such activities are an act of desperation in order to get your hands on drugs. 
  • You spend a good amount of your day either doing drugs, acquiring drugs, or getting over the effects of the drug. The amount of time available for other meaningful activities in life reduces significantly. 
  • You fail to stop using the drug even when you are trying hard. This loss of control can have serious repercussions and cause much harm to the mind and mental health. 
  • You experience severe withdrawal symptoms when you try to quit using the drug. These withdrawal symptoms become so tough to manage that you take drugs again in order to get over it. 

Quitting drugs is not easy. It is one of the most challenging things that one has to undergo. However, getting help for drug abuse and drug addictionyou too can have a better sober life.