July 18, 2024

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How to Stay Safe during Pregnancy

You probably know of the necessary pregnancy precautions; suppose you are pregnant or thinking about it. Some include; avoid smoking, drinking, among others. First, you should visit your doctor to assist you during this delicate period. Pregnant women should stay safe for both the sake of their unborn baby and themselves. In this article, we will discuss methods that will keep you safe during your pregnancy. Feel free to visit birth control in Lithonia for extra information.

Tips to keep you safe

Here are strategies that will keep you safe during the pregnancy:

1.     Avoid toxins

The majority of toxins are linked with defects during birth, such include illegal drugs and alcohol. You will lower the flow of oxygen to the unborn baby by smoking cigarettes, which has harmful effects. Suppose you find it difficult to quit, consider consulting your doctor for assistance.

2.     Take a lot of vitamins.

It will help to intake high amounts of calcium and folic acid when you are pregnant. These nutrients are available in foods such as spinach. It would help if you also took prenatal multivitamins daily, but with the doctor’s prescription.

3.     Workout often

There are many advantages of frequently exercising to both the mother and child. Soft exercises have the following gains:

·       It enables you to deal with posture alternations and prevents your joints from straining.

·       Ensure you remain in the desired weight even though most women record weight increase in this period

·       Keeps you safe from pregnancy complications

·       It keeps you in a position to have a smooth birth and labor

·       You will get back to shape easily after birth 

·       Elevates your mood whenever you feel low

4.     Avoid alcohol

The alcohol you drink gets into the baby via the placenta. Even if research is still ongoing to determine the amount of alcohol consumed, you are advised to cut off alcohol intake entirely during this time. It would help if you avoided it mostly in the first and third quarters of the pregnancy because it might enhance the chances of a miscarriage. 

5.     Avoid caffeine

Chances of a miscarriage are increased by intaking a lot of caffeine. This substance is found in tea, chocolate, among other drinks. There has been a suggestion that excess caffeine might lead to the baby having low weight after birth. You should limit yourself to just two cups of these drinks in a day.

6.     Avoid smoking

Your health and that of your unborn child is compromised once you smoke during pregnancy. The baby is prone to several conditions when you smoke, they include:

·       Being underweight

·       Stillbirth

Smoking also triggers the chance of a miscarriage. It is best to stop smoking as soon as possible for the baby’s sake. Even if you halt smoking in your last month of pregnancy, it would still have a lot of benefits.


These tips will help you during the entire pregnancy period. This goes a long way to ensuring both your wellness and the unborn baby. Also, ensure you visit the clinic frequently for health checkups.