May 20, 2024

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Importance of Birth Control after Childbirth

First postpartum period: What to expect

Birth control is the last thing on your mind after you have brought home your family’s adorable new member. Your top priority is their care and comfort. This is the time to give your body time to recover as you provide the nutritional requirements for your young one. But wait! If you are not using a birth control method, you can be doing one more thing: ushering in a new sibling. Dr. Patricia Nevils in Lafayette and her team at Vibrant Woman Health Center provide moms in the Lafayette, LA area with birth control options that are safe for mom and baby.

Getting Pregnant After You Have Had a Baby

Most people have a misconception that you cannot get pregnant soon after giving birth. You can get pregnant:

·       While breastfeeding

·       Before your first postpartum period

·       Within the first six weeks after giving birth

If you exclusively breastfeed after every 4-6 hours within the first six months after childbirth, you are less likely to ovulate and conceive. However, there is no guarantee of this due to differences in postpartum hormonal changes among women. It is advisable to consult your gynecologist on the best birth control option to help in family planning. 

What are the safe birth control options for new moms?

All birth control methods are safe to use, but what is right for your particular needs depends on your health, personal preferences, and time-lapsed from your last childbirth. Your doctor will recommend an option with a low risk of harmful substances coming into contact with breast milk. These include:

·       Intrauterine devices (IUDs)

·       Progestin-only birth control pill

·       Condoms used with spermicide

·       Implants

·       Injections

·       Combined hormonal birth control including vaginal ring and birth control pill

·       Barrier methods including cervical cap, contraceptive sponge, and diaphragm

·       Frequent exclusive breastfeeding (lactation amenorrhea) 

Birth control implants, injections, and IUDs can be inserted vaginally or through a C-section after birth, or during your first postnatal visit to your doctor. Your doctor will answer all your questions and give guidance to make the process a pleasant experience.

When to Plan for Your Postpartum Birth Control

After the arrival of your new bundle of joy, you will be busy trying to learn and understand your baby, leaving little time for you to think about contraception. The best time for you and your significant other to talk about birth control methods is before the baby arrives. Your doctor will advise on your best option based on your preferences, medical history, and lifestyle.

Your life will change in unpredictable ways after your baby is home. A solid and sound contraception plan goes a long way in ensuring you enjoy every bit of your first months of motherhood. Vibrant Woman Health Center is committed to providing for you and your partner, ensuring you have nothing to worry about during these moments. Consult a caring and experienced physician for a comprehensive evaluation of your postpartum experience to help arrive at your best family planning option.