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Overcoming Suboxone Addiction Treatment at Lenox Medical Clinic in Chamblee

Suboxone Treatment Specialist - Chamblee, GA & Johns Creek, GA: Lenox  Medical Clinic: Family Practice

The body’s physical dependence on a drug such as an opioid can be slow and gradual but creates tolerance for a similar effect that lasts for a long time. Overcoming the dependency on your own could be really challenging or nearly impossible. The situation, therefore, calls for better means to fight the addiction down, such as medical support. Suboxone treatment in Chamblee led by professional medical practitioner Sudha Challa, MD, a board-certified Family Physician at Lenox Medical Clinic, provides Suboxone healthcare treatment to de-poison your addictive condition to recover your normal quality of life.

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Questions and Answers on Suboxone Treatment

What Is Suboxone Treatment?

Suboxone treatment is a 2002 certified drug treatment program approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration to treat opioid addiction. It is administered through oral prescriptions of film or a sublingual tablet containing two active drugs.

·       Naloxone – works by blocking opiate drug effects as an antagonist.

·       Buprenorphine – blocks opiate receptors via relief on withdrawal and craving symptoms working as a partial antagonist.

When the opioids get engaged to the brain’s receptor cells, there is a pleasant effect due to the body’s release of dopamine that fades away when the opioids leave the receptors.

The integral use of the two helps to outdo the effects of single drugs. Naloxone works as a deterrent to assimilate the effects when opiates are administered in the system. Thus the Naloxone-induced withdrawal symptoms include headache, nausea, sweating, trembling, vomiting, and restlessness.

Perpetual use of Suboxone treatment helps the cravings subside and the habit to go away, enabling you to redefine your life and establish it again.

At Lenox Medical Clinic, your condition will be closely monitored by the physicians walking with you every step of your recovery journey. Suboxone is an effective treatment to reduce cravings and offer deterrence to the current usage and long-term opiate usage. It is swift in its working and less addictive. Long usage of Suboxone treatment has proved more effective compared to using it for a short while.

How Is The Suboxone Treatment Plan?

There are four main Suboxone treatment plans, they go as follows:

1.     The intake consists of screening the urine for drugs, blood tests, or medical and psychosocial assessment to ascertain that you can harmlessly take the drug.

2.     The induction aims at transitioning you from the opiate you are on to the Suboxone to reduce the “cold turkey” withdrawal symptoms.

3.     Stabilization in which the Suboxone dose subsidies are targeting the treatment discontinuation through suppressing the withdrawal symptoms.

4.     Maintenance for those with extreme addiction may require medical supervision treatment support like taking part in a non-step support group or Narcotics Anonymous.

What Are Some of The Considerations For Getting Suboxone Treatment?

People suffering from liver dysfunction are not advised to take the treatment since the symptoms might increase.

What Are The Side Effects Of Suboxone Treatment?

Some of the side effects include vomiting, headache, excessive sweating, withdrawal symptoms, nausea, peripheral edema, and insomnia pain.

At Lenox Medical Clinic, you will receive much treatment since opioid addiction is both psychological and physical. Medication differs as well as dosage. Stick to the prescriptions for effective results. To learn more about our services, call the office or schedule an appointment today.