April 14, 2024

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Overweight After Menopause: How To Lose Weight Naturally?

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Women in the climacteric often face the problem of how to lose weight during menopause. Almost every third woman is prone to gain weight after 45-50 years. One of the reasons for gaining excess weight in this age range is a decrease in metabolism and energy consumption, while a woman’s appetite may persist or be increased. In addition to the natural physiological changes in the body, one should not ignore and underestimate the psychological nuances of this difficult period for a woman.

The process of weight gain is especially difficult to control when a woman is not ready to accept her age, see its advantages (and they undoubtedly exist), enter into this new period of life and pass it with dignity. Therefore, women often resort to stress-eating, which may be resulted in obesity. Then, they start to look for ways on how to lose menopause weight.

At the same time, during menopause it is undesirable to adhere to strict diets, trying to maintain the weight of a young girl. Such stress for the female body does not pass without a trace, it can also cause, in consequence, additional weight gain. So, how to lose weight during menopause?

How To Lose Weight In Menopause

It is impossible to control everything in life. But, a woman is able to make her choice in favor of a healthy lifestyle. She also can influence some risk factors directly related to it. To make it better and easier to track the question of how to lose weight during menopause, navigate BMI (body mass index) on a special scale. But, consider your body type (somatotype), which is laid genetically. If to take into account the body mass index, the level of excess weight is more accurately determined than when tracking only weight itself. The numbers will be more objective. Measuring the waist circumference and the ratio of the waist to the hips (the waist circumference is divided by the circumference of the thigh) is another indicator of the risk of obesity and the occurrence of diseases.

Any intense physical activity (for example, active walking) can lessen the probability of necessity for diet for menopause to lose weight. It also reduces the risk of various types of cancer. Just an hour or two and a half walk a week reduces the risk of developing breast cancer by almost 20%.

What To Do To Lose Weight After Menopause

There are simple tips on how to lose weight after menopause naturally, one should:

  • eat food with lower calorie content;
  • include seafood and fish in the daily meal;
  • reasonably restrict the consumption of animal protein, sugar, and alcohol;
  • adhere to regular, feasible physical activity, “mental hygiene”, and a favorite pastime.

These simple pieces of advice can prevent the appearance of obesity in menopausal women. And always remember that each age period has its advantages and disadvantages, pluses and minuses. It is this duality that makes life fulfilled. Wisdom to find individual balance and improve the quality of your life in adulthood – this is the true gift to women. Be healthy!