April 20, 2024

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Pain Management Procedures

Pain Management Procedures Relieve Chronic Back Pain

Neck pains are uncomfortable and debilitating as back pains. Dr. Bart Gatz is a leading pain management specialist and managing director at the American Interventional Pain Institute located in Florida. The pain management specialists provide Greenacres neck pains patients and other related musculoskeletal conditions wit up-to-standard treatment. The team of pain management specialists aims at improving the quality of life in the people of Greenacres by treating conditions causing chronic or acute pains.

About Professionals

Dr. Jordan L. litten is the CEO of this facility. The team of medical practitioners is highly-skilled in medical procedures such as nerve blocks, facet injections, spinal cord stimulators, and radiofrequency treatments. Dr. Bart is also skilled in invasive surgical procedures to treat chronic conditions, not responding to these treatments. The pain management specialists incorporate the use of advanced medical technology in their procedures.

Mary Mendoza is a medical specialist and Charlene Nunag, a patient registrar with the facility. The pain specialists carefully examine the patient to determine the root cause of pain before administering treatment. The team treats conditions such as herniated discs, headaches, spinal stenosis, joint pain, sciatica, and lower back pains. In case of accidents, the facility helps patients in making claims.

What Causes Neck Pain?

Neck pain mainly results from minor injuries, which heal within a few days. If the pain lasts for longer, it means there’s a condition behind it. Consult American Interventional Pain specialist for diagnosis of your condition. Most of the conditions causing neck pain include arthritis, bone spurs, osteoporosis, herniated disc, whiplash, lymph node swelling, or muscle tension due to stress.

What are the Symptoms of Neck Pain?

You might feel a sharp pain or an achy pain around your neck. In most cases, it starts as a mild pain that becomes more severe by the day. The pain may result in difficulties turning your head in various directions.  You may begin to experiencing numbness, headaches, pain swallowing food, or tingling sensations. 

Neck Pain Treatments

The treatment procedure depends on the cause of pain and pain severity. Mild neck pain treatment is through increased bed rest, muscle relaxants, ice therapy, regular exercises, and stretching. Severe pains have an underlying condition that needs medical attention by the pain specialists. The specialists perform a proper diagnosis to determine the pain management procedure to administer.


American Interventional Pain Institute values and appreciates reviews from their patients. To date, the facility boasts a 4.92 out of 5 stars rating on 25 reviews.

How to Contact the Center

Patients can reach the facility through mobile or book an online appointment. Conveniently, those around Florida can pay a visit to the center’s locality in Greenacres. Note that the center is open from Monday to Friday, starting from 9 am to 5 pm. If you have any comments, queries, or concerns about the facility or its services, you can send a message to Dr. Bart through the facility’s website.

To sum up, the American Interventional Pain Institute provides up-to-standard facilities for its patients. The facility strives to restore the quality of life to its patients, administering treatments that are entirely relieving them of their pain. The specialists give individualized care to their patients, ensuring that they treat the root cause of their pain.