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Patient-Oriented Vascular and Cardiology Services in Bakersfield, California

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Blood circulation is ideal for your general health and well-being. Heart Vascular & Leg Center aims to help California residents live free of cardiovascular complications. At the practice, Dr. Vinod Kumar and other board-certified specialists in wound care, cardiology, and interventional cardiology work in unison to help you identify your symptoms at early stages and find the ideal treatment in a comfortable and fully-equipped environment.

Services Offered at Heart Vascular & Leg Center

Heart Vascular & Leg Center offers:

·       Diabetic foot care. A nutrient-rich diet, regular exercise, and a healthy lifestyle prevent diabetic foot complications. Dr. Kumar recommends an x-ray, performs physical examinations and medical history to determine your eligibility for antibiotics and viable treatment options.

·       Dialysis access management. Heart Vascular & Leg Center offers dialysis to remove fluid and waste accumulation after kidney failure. Dr. Kumar offers dialysis as an outpatient procedure. Abide by your doctor’s discharge instructions for a quicker recovery and stay free of complications or infections at the port.

·       Echocardiogram. An echocardiogram uses sound waves to generate moving pictures of your heart to reveal its shape, size, and efficacy in pumping blood. Dr. Kumar uses a standard stress test or pharmacological stress test to picture your heart in action. Abide by your pre-exam instructions to minimize complications and make room for accurate results.

·       IVC filter placement & removal reduces your vulnerability to pulmonary embolism. It’s a recommended treatment procedure for trauma victims, pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, disabled, or immobile patients. Dr. Kumar may recommend IVC filter placement and removal to address health conditions responsible for blood clot accumulation in your legs.

·       Stress test

·       Uterine fibroid embolization. Your provider injects tiny particles into uterine arteries to address uterine fibroids. If you’re qualified for uterine fibroid embolization, Dr. Kumar may recommend an ultrasound and routine pelvic exams to avoid further complications. You may spend a night at the institution before your family or friend drives you home.

·       Vascular testing pinpoints conditions affecting your blood circulation. Dr. Kumar reviews your medical history, symptoms, and performs a physical exam to determine your eligibility for various vascular tests (CO2 angiography, intravascular ultrasound, or angiography).

·       Vascular ultrasound identifies vascular disorders limiting your circulation. Dr. Kumar reviews your medical history, symptoms, and physical exams to determine your eligibility for a vascular ultrasound. The procedure is free of side effects and downtime that may limit you from resuming your duties right after.

·       Wound care. Heart Vascular & Leg Center offers specialized wound care to prevent painful complications, amputations, and infections. Dr. Kumar considers your medical history, symptoms, and wounds to determine your saline mist therapy eligibility, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, debridement, total contact cast (TCC) offloading, or chronic disease management.

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Bottom Line

Heart Vascular & Leg Center offers personalized treatment options for vascular complications. Dr. Kumar focuses on delivering effective long-term relief and improving your circulation through conventional or advanced treatment options. For the services highlighted above and more, contact Heart Vascular & Leg Center for immediate guidance.