July 24, 2024

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Peripheral Neuropathy’s Treatment Options to Help Relieve Your Symptoms

A Diabetic's Guide to Peripheral Neuropathy Treatments - Amputee Coalition

Have you ever felt pain without a cause or failure to feel pain even when something should be causing you pain? If so, you could be suffering from peripheral neuropathy. Your peripheral nerves connect your nerves from your central nervous system to your body’s other parts. When these nerves malfunction, there will be no signals and sensations sent to your brain. There are various types of peripheral neuropathy, each with its unique symptoms. Medical Wellness Group has an expert team of professionals of neuropathy in Columbus. The specialists will offer you holistic and integrative care to relieve your symptoms and restore your normal functioning. Eventually, you will be able to return to your regular activities.

How will your doctor diagnose peripheral neuropathy?

Neuropathy has various potential causes. Your neurologist will perform thorough physical exams and a series of blood tests. Other than a review and tests, your diagnosis could also include:

·         A neurological examination. During the assessment, your doctor will evaluate your muscles’ tone and strength, tendon reflexes, your reaction to particular sensations, posture, and coordination.

·         Full medical history. Your neurologist will go through your entire medical history. He could also evaluate your symptoms, exposure to harmful toxins, lifestyle and family history of neurological infections.

What are your treatment options for neuropathy?

Your treatment plan depends on your condition’s severity. Your doctor’s primary goal is to help you manage your neuropathy’s root cause and alleviate the symptoms. Suppose your doctor does not find an underlying condition from the lab tests series; he might suggest watchful waiting to track the neuropathy’s progress.

Several treatments will cause relief and help you go on with your everyday life. At times, your doctor will combine the options for optimum results. The treatment options include:

·         Drug treatment. In addition to the various medications your doctor may prescribe to treat your neuropathy’s underlying condition, your doctor can also suggest drugs to relieve you from peripheral neuropathy’s symptoms. They include:

§  Pain relievers

§  Anti-seizure medications

§  Antidepressants

§  Topical treatments

·         Therapies. Your neurologist could suggest various procedures and therapies to help ease your symptoms. The therapies include:

  • Physical exercises and therapies to help strengthen your weak muscles and improve mobility.
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. Your doctor will place electrodes on your skin to deliver gentle electric currents at varying frequencies.
  • Plasma exchange. The process involves drawing your blood and extracting antibodies and proteins before your doctor returns the blood into your body.
  • Intravenous immune globulin. During the therapy, your doctor gives you high doses of proteins that work as your antibodies.
  • Alternative medicine. You could opt for alternative medicine like acupuncture to relieve your symptoms. During the treatment, your doctor inserts fine needles in your body’s various parts to minimize your symptoms.

·         Lifestyle. Your doctor will advise you to

§  Care for your feet, especially with diabetes

§  Regular exercises like walking

§  Quit bad habits like smoking

§  Eat healthy

§  Monitor your glucose levels

·         Surgery. Your neurologist will recommend a surgical procedure if your neuropathy results from pressure on your nerves to minimize the pressure.

Peripheral neuropathy is severe and will affect your nerve’s normal functioning. You will feel pain when nothing is wrong and you will occasionally feel no pain even when you are subjected to a situation that should produce pain. Do not hesitate to contact the professionals at Medical Wellness Group to help when you start noticing cramping, twitching, or nerve weakness. Schedule a neuropathy appointment today for more information.