July 14, 2024

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Reasons Why People Get Ink Removed

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A large number of people with tattoos wish they never got the body tattoo, and at some point, they do consider tattoo removal. There are various reasons why a person would consider having their ink removed. One of the main reasons is to get rid of a tattoo that was done by an amateur, or they got a design that they later hate. If you are considering having your ink removed, ensure you visit Lina Naga dermatologist.

For those who are about to get a tattoo, below are a few pointers to make sure you do not regret the decision later in life.

Never Get a Tattoo Impulsively

Tattoos are permanent, and you should carefully plan for them. The top reason why people seek laser tattoo removal is because they get their tattoos over the weekend while they are drunk or impulsively when they are on vacation. This is a recipe for disaster. Do not give in to the holiday high or peer pressure.

It is a fact that people with large tattoos such as a full back are less likely to regret their decision than people with much smaller tattoos. They do not regret their tattoos because they take the time to plan their tattoo, and they are more dedicated to the decision.

Delay the Decision

Age also plays a huge role when it comes to regrettable tattoos. As a youth, you are overconfident, and you will most likely not give a second thought to your decision. Even though any person over the age of 18 can get a tattoo, it is wiser to hold off until later. Most people regret tattoos they got before they turned 21.

Just like any major life decision such as the person you spend the rest of your life with, let the idea age for a while. Ideally, you should ponder upon the idea for a few months. Patience is cheaper than regret.

Avoid Peer Pressure

A decade or two ago, tattoos were considered taboo and a tiny portion of the population had tattoos. However, in the last decade, it has become more and more acceptable. This would explain why more millennials have tattoos compared to the older generation. With the rise of social media, tattoos have become a trend on social media. Seeing pictures of people getting inked on social media can make you feel the pressure to go under the needle as well.

Tattoos should be a symbol of individuality, and getting one because of peer pressure defeats the purpose of the work of art. Peer pressure might be the reason for regret later in life.


Pick a Style That Ages Well


Tattoos come in numerous styles, and the decision on which style to get is a difficult one all by itself. Some of the styles include minimalist. Geometric and neotraditional. However, time is not kind to some of the styles, some age better than others. When committing to a tattoo, remember skin will change how your tattoo will look over time. Ironically, large and bold tattoos age way better than small and delicate design. Script tattoos are among the most regretted tattoos because, with time, readability decreases.


In theory, tattoos stay with you forever. However, with the advancement in technology, you can have a dermatologist remove your ink using a laser.