February 29, 2024

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Root Canal Specialist in Bellevue

Tooth problems can develop into severe conditions, and that is why it is essential to have a trusted dentist to frequently check your teeth to ensure they are in the best possible condition. When you develop intense tooth sensitivity or a dark tooth, it means you might have an infected nerve inside your tooth. It is essential to visit EZ Dental Clinic to get your root canal in Bellevue. The specialists at the clinic have advanced technologies that are efficient in diagnosing your condition and finding the best solution for your case. The doctors at the clinic are well trained and experienced enough to ensure that you will find lasting solutions for your dental problems.

Here you will learn everything related to root canal and why it is essential to have one performed on you if you have a dental condition that requires one.

Understanding Root Canals

Many patients do not understand what a root canal is and have no information regarding the matter. A root canal is an advanced tooth repair process that involves removing unhealthy tissues from the center of your tooth. This unhealthy layer is known as the pulp and is located beneath the hard enamel and dentin layers. The pulp is made of blood vessels, nerves, and tissues. Your tooth can survive without it if it gets damaged or infected.

You will require two visits to the clinic to receive effective treatment. The team starts the root canal treatment process by having a CT scan of your tooth, which provides a 3D view of your tooth and the nature of the root. After that, you will get a numb injection shot around the affected tooth to get you comfortable.

The dental specialists will then drill a hole into your tooth and remove the infected and damaged tissue through the hole. This will be followed by cleaning and medication of the inner chamber, which will be vital in preventing future reinfection. The process ends by sealing the hole with a filling material.

The doctors at the clinic can also recommend a crown for your case if they see that your tooth might need protection. For this, you will have to go in for a second meeting after the specialists prepare the tooth and obtain its impressions.

Signs that you require root canal treatment

When you have a damaged or infected pulp inside your tooth, this happens typically if you have a broken or chipped tooth. It can also happen if you get hit on your tooth, and it does not break on the outside. The symptoms that will point that you require a root canal include:

·       Swollen gums

·       Pimples on your gums

·       Tooth abscess

·       Darkening of the tooth

·       Pain in your tooth

·       Hypersensitivity to cold and hot 

If you fail to get immediate attention, you could be at risk of losing the entire tooth. The infection in your pulp could spread to your gums and potentially to other parts of the body.

Visit EZ Dental Clinic for immediate treatment.

If you or your loved one has any of the above symptoms, you can schedule an appointment at the clinic to receive adequate treatment. The specialists have advanced methods and techniques required to ensure you get lasting treatment.