October 4, 2023

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Scenarios That May Warrant an IV-Therapy Mobile Service

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Imagine a situation where you are having a hangover or feeling fatigued, making it daunting to drive to a hospital to seek medical treatment. Does not it feel like a life-threatening moment? If this describes you, you will be pleased to learn that your Beverly Hills mobile services providers at Robertson Wellness and Aesthetics are ready to offer IV therapy for all types of patients based in Los Angeles, California. Read on to find out how they can help you from the comfort of your home or workplace.

The Medical Conditions That May Warrant an IV Mobile Visit

Going to the hospital to seek medical services might sound convenient if you are physically able. However, there comes the point where you need urgent IV mobile services from a reliable provider to relieve your temporary or chronic medical condition. This service is recommended for patients with the following conditions:

1.  Hangovers

When taken in moderation, it is highly unlikely for one to have a hangover after drinking alcohol. However, there are some days when you might overindulge. Besides compromising your health, a hangover can prevent you from performing your daily tasks, let alone going to the hospital for an IV injection. Fortunately, a mobile service provider can come to your house to administer an IV injection to restore your body’s metabolic condition. 

2.  Severe dehydration caused by flu

From frequent throwing up to profuse sweating, the flu can make you lose a lot of water in your body. While taking an average of eight glasses of water a day can restore the amount of liquids you have lost, it might not be sufficient enough to help you fight the flu. The primary goal of introducing IV therapy is reducing the time you suffer from your flu symptoms. If you have the flu that has persisted for more than a week, find a mobile service provider to rehydrate your body.

3.  Food poisoning

People are allergic to different types of foods. For example, an allergy to nuts might cause symptoms such as swelling, profuse sweating, bloating, or even shortness of breath. When you are in that situation, going to a clinic for emergency treatment can be daunting. Food poisoning can be a life-threatening condition that, if not treated in good time, may threaten someone’s life. The next time someone shows signs of food poisoning, do not hesitate to call an IV mobile service provider to save their life.

4.  Aesthetic treatments for skin and hair

If your skin or hair is not glowing and you have an important occasion coming up, resorting to skin resurfacing treatments might not be effective. You need a mobile service provider to help your skin glow in time for your occasion. They have all the right equipment and expertise to assess your skin’s nature and use the right ingredients to achieve the glow.

Call a Mobile IV Service Provider 

Now that mobile services are available, it is up to you to decide who to call. If you are near Beverly Hills or its surrounding areas, please visit the Robertson Wellness and Aesthetics team. To find out if you are a candidate for mobile service, call your doctor today.